The Attorney Nisman

The attorney Alberto Nisman was linked to the embassy of Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom for conspiring against the Argentine government. The Mossad, the CIA and the intelligence services of M-I6 know of his actions.

The American embassy was bothered by the attorney’s decision to ask for the prosecution of ex-president Carlos Menem, the ex- federal judge Juan Jose Galeano, the ex-director of the Secretary of State Intelligence (SIDE) Hugo Anzorreguy, the ex-commissioner Jorge Palacios, and the ex-head of the Delegation of Israeli Argentines Associations (DAIA) Ruben Beraja, among others.

Nisman apologized for not previously notifying the embassy of his decision and offered to sit down with the ambassador (Earl Anthony Wayne) to discuss the steps to move forward.

In an email from the American Embassy, undersigned by Wayne and revealed by WikiLeaks, the diplomat expressed to the attorney that, “… He sincerely appreciated all the help from the government of the United States …”

According to the tax report made by the International Press Service, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, which is led by the close friend of Nisman, received $3.6 million in contributions from Paul Singer between 2008 and 2014.

Mark Dubowitz, the executive director of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, acknowledged in an interview with CNN that he was a personal friend of Nisman’s. During 2013, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies released 6 “studies” slandering the Argentine policies concerning vultures and the talks with Tehran, which are part of the same machinery.

In Argentina, there have been attempts to influence Congress to reject the memorandum of understanding. In the face of failure and the reaffirmation of the sovereignty by the national Congress, the leadership of the Delegation of Israeli Argentines Association (DAIA), the Argentine-Israelite Mutual Association (AMIA), the then-public prosecutor Nisman appeared before the judicial power to block the application for the agreement that would permit taking statements from the accused Iranians by attacking [the agreement’s] constitutionality.

On March 11, 2013, after congressional approval, a meeting occurred in Arlington in Washington* during which the members of the American Task Force Argentina (ATFA) and vulture funds decided to incorporate the memorandum on the condition that the country negotiated in a way that was more favorable to the hedge funds.

Regarding the nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran, Netanyahu and his ministry agreed that the way to stop it was through Congress. For this, the lobby of the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which coordinates its activities with the Israeli Embassy in Washington and the Netanyahu’s office in Jerusalem, put pressure on the Democratic senators both publicly and privately.

Everything happens because of geopolitics and international power. Sometimes the effects on peace can be global, impeding the possibility of an agreement between the U.S. and other powers (Iran especially in regard to nuclear matters), or in side deals that could contribute to bringing truth and justice for the victims of the AMIA after 21 years.

The revelation of the several emails sent by the American embassy in Buenos Aires (Argentina) to its secretary of state revealed the frequent visits of Nisman to said office, laying out with their diplomats the direction of the investigation of the terrorist attack on the AMIA.

Nisman also used to visit the embassies of Israel and the U.K. in Buenos Aires, and was connected with Mossad, the CIA and intelligence services of M-I6. These visits are tied with the Malvinas and the vulture funds, as Nisman aspired to be a federal judge and was supported by these institutions.

Nisman was born and raised in a family of Jewish origin; his remains were buried in the Israeli Cemetery of La Tablada, in front of the ground of the fallen soldiers in the wars of Israel.

*Editor’s note: The name of the state is correctly translated. It should be Arlington, Virginia.

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