Democratic Debate Becomes Duel Between Unequal Opponents

There is going to be a remarkable televised debate between the Democratic presidential candidates this Tuesday evening in Las Vegas. Imagine a medieval duel, but where an armored knight takes on a much more agile Robin Hood, while an approaching dog happens to latch onto one of their legs.

This dog is Martin O’Malley, the ex-governor of Maryland. On paper, he would appear to be an attractive candidate for many democrats. He has leadership experience, and his ideas both regarding what to do with the millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S. and which regulations to place on over one hundred million firearms in the country match the opinion of many democrats. However, in one way or another, democrats have not yet fully realized this. In the polls, he doesn’t even have one percent.

The situation is even worse for two other candidates who will appear tomorrow: Lincoln Chaffee, former governor of Rhode Island and James Webb, ex-senator of Virginia. These two in the polls, as well as in the news, might as well be fleas on the dog.

Robin Hood and the Knight

Then come the two duelists. Robin Hood: The man who steals from the rich and gives to the poor is, of course, Bernie Sanders. He is a unique phenomenon — an American politician who can call himself a socialist (“democratic socialist,” to be specific) without throwing away his chances of being elected. But that’s how it is in Vermont — a rather special state where, to give an example, the largest city has the Al-Jazeera station on cable, despised in other areas for years. When he had declared himself as a candidate, Sanders’ chances for the presidency were seen as nonexistent.

Actually, they are still nonexistent. In the national polls, The knight Hillary Clinton stands securely at number one. However, she does have to worry about Vermont’s neighbor, with its own opinions — New Hampshire. Because the primaries begin essentially there (in February, after the caucus in Iowa), Sanders can put a few dents in [Clinton’s] shining armor with a victory in New Hampshire. Then the democrats should be able to just watch the non-socialist, O’Malley, yelp his heart out at the debate in Las Vegas.

For Hillary Clinton, a lot depends on the Tuesday debate, and with her known thoroughness and calculations, she has already made her move. Regarding her stance on gun control, she suggested that if no law comes through Congress, a presidential decision should be enacted. She is “thus far” against the trade agreement that she herself helped prepare with countries in the Pacific, and that Obama hopes to put so much credit towars. Furthermore, she declared herself against the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada, which, for environmentalists, has become a symbol of everything that is wrong with Obama’s energy policy.

The Bite of O’Malley

She comes well-armed, and with a sturdy shield on her left [side]. But she will be hit hard by an experienced, agile combatant who knows how to get the public on his side, with much more ease. In the meantime, O’Malley waits for an opportunity to bite, but also runs the risk of being removed from the area with a resolute kick from one of the two great candidates.

It’s become a great fight, even when you know who will actually end up being the victor. Or is it at that critical moment when King Richard the Lionhearted suddenly appears, [the moment] everyone was waiting for the entire time?

Might Vice President Joe Biden, at 9 o’clock EST, declare his candidacy and enter the fray?

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