Who Will Get the Nuclear Suitcase: Trump or Clinton?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are back in the saddle. Their home state of New York showed its support in yesterday’s party primaries – and with a landslide 60 percent of votes. While their competitors haven’t thrown in the towel yet, Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders have – to tell the truth – a merely theoretical chance, if at all. Pardon the cliché, but it totally fits: After yesterday’s events, a miracle would have to happen for anything to change.

If it were simply up to you, for whom would you vote? Who would you entrust with the suitcase containing the codes to nuclear weapons? A vulgar loudmouth, who stands out by his ability to insult everyone, or a lady who has, in the course of her career, shifted her positions and overall makes a lackluster impression, that is, without clearly communicating what she would really like to change and do differently in the White House.

Of course, there are more differences between them, but the argument about the nuclear suitcase will certainly end up in Hillary Clinton’s favor, because she’s a political matador who doesn’t give the impression of an unguided missile. Even considering one thing: Donald Trump will undoubtedly now switch tactics and start behaving “more presidentially,” precisely in order to shake off the reputation of an unpredictable shooter. After his victory in New York yesterday, he hinted at this change with an interesting detail: For the first time he spoke of Sen. Cruz, not of Lyin’ Ted, as he has done thus far.

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