Hillary Clinton’s Nomination as Presidential Candidate Is Auspicious

According to media reports, Hillary Clinton has secured the required number of votes to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. She will be the first woman in the country‚Äôs 240-year history to be a nominee in a U.S. presidential election. The formal announcement of her nomination at the party’s convention in July will amount to the writing of a new chapter in American history.

The U.S. presidential election and the securing of the party’s nomination is a complicated process. The situation prevailing some months earlier in the race for becoming the party’s presidential nominee can be described as a very tough contest. In the course of her election campaign, Clinton continued to make progress against her opponents to accomplish that which was not easy.

Women have always been disregarded in the U.S., and Hillary’s triumph can be interpreted as a triumph for women in the United States. Up until 1920, the U.S. did not even allow women to vote. Clinton’s emergence as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee marks a big change in the United States.

With regard to Pakistan-U.S. relations, although the track record of the Democratic Party is not all that positive and it has only rarely demonstrated large-heartedness toward Pakistan, nevertheless the presumptive party nominee, Clinton, will prove far better than the nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump. Because of Trump’s extreme religious views, it would be futile to expect any good word from him for Pakistan.

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