Trump’s Dangerous Monkey Business

Here’s one more thing to add to the absurdities of the current U.S. presidential election campaign: Trump was successful in convincing Republicans to crown him their candidate for the Oval Office by using totally empty rhetoric that he bombastically refers to as politics.

He hopes to carry on with this insanity until Nov. 8, Election Day. At least that’s the way it sounds considering his latest views on immigration.

The real estate magnate’s plans are dangerous nonsense. The construction of a wall along the Mexican border and the mass deportation of millions of undocumented residents are the fantasies of a candidate who instinctively recognized that crude bumper sticker rhetoric could be used effectively on disgruntled American voters. But not even police states like North Korea have been able to successfully seal off their borders. That’s the way it is and it won’t change just because his fans have a different opinion. Trump isn’t really interested in the actual problems facing Americans. All he does is shamelessly exploit their fears. If Americans thought the sun might fall from the sky, you can be sure he would nurture that fear as well. He’s a braggart and a terrifying windbag who shamelessly exploits people’s fears. What he doesn’t have are solutions and answers. That’s the real problem.

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