Will the Electoral College Take Away Trump’s Victory?

This Monday in the United States should be a peaceful day of democracy. The Electoral College will meet in the capital of each state to elect the president by duplicating the popular vote. It is usually a formality but this time there’s a risk of it not being so. One of the best American commentators, Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts, has openly denounced an attempt at a coup d’etat. Other journalists in the last few days have called attention to the same danger. The Washington Post has accounted for what is happening. The electors in every state, who are supposed to simply reaffirm the results from the polls, are being put under extraordinary pressure to not vote for Trump.

They are literally being bombarded with emails and phone calls that stress the dangerous nature of Trump and the risks to America, while the CIA, FBI and obviously Obama continue to denounce Russia’s interference in the election in a vain attempt to prove that the election was not legitimate. A useless attempt, it was said, because until today there has not been any proof. According to The Washington Post, even the Democratic electors have been put under pressure comparable to that on the part of Republican activists. This however, does not make sense, considering that Hillary lost. There will be a chance, however insignificant.

The pressure is on the states’ electors who voted for Trump, and the meaning is all too clear: The global elite that have been governing America, and indirectly the Western world, is about to exit the control room having seen that the tycoon has not placed their men in the key departments. Those elite are trying with all their might to prevent Trump from entering the White House to overturn the foreign and security policies already pursued, starting with relations with Russia and the fight against the Islamic State, and to prevent Trump from correcting globalization efforts by incentivizing the revival of “entrepreneurial patriotism” in investments and jobs.

Read carefully: That which is taking place right now is very serious and absolutely incompatible with democratic principles. We hope that the electors do not allow themselves to be swayed. If Trump really ends up being overthrown before even taking office, the United States would lose all legitimacy in the eyes of its own people and the world. This matters little to the elite, but to us, it matters so much.

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