Donald’s Blunder and Obama’s Blame

The United States has become more racist, but the left continues to blame Trump.

Once again, America is divided. On the one hand, Donald Trump’s enemies attack the president. According to them, Trump’s general accusations about “bigotry and hatred” have rendered the president guilty of regarding both sides equally to blame for the clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia – clashes that resulted in three deaths, some 20 wounded, arrests and the proclamation of a state of emergency by the governor.

On the other hand, of course, there are the president’s supporters, who show photos of the objects that were used as weapons by both sides. At the heart of the matter, which led to the incidents above, was a rally of white supremacists who proclaim themselves to be the heirs of the Confederate South at the time of the American Civil War, and who manifest hatred toward blacks, Jews and Hispanics. The excuse to rally in the public square in Charlottesville was a protest against the removal of the statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate troops during the American Civil War. Lee was defeated in 1863, but is still considered an American hero.

The white supremacists who chant Nazi slogans are the last remnants of southern hatred against those who are not of English descent, although nowadays they are inspired by a Hitlerian ideology. Of course, you can’t attribute to the president any complicity in the actions of these long-haired folks with flowing beards, shields and helmets who venerate the Dixie flag. Yet, that is exactly what has happened. For two days now, Trump has been under the harsh scrutiny of the “liberal” press, which accuses him of condemning not only the racists, but also those from the other side who went down the street to physically clash with them – as seen in the numerous videos online. The man who plowed into the crowd with his car is James Alex Field, and he is only 20 years old. He has since been arrested.

Among those accusing Trump is the Italian-American Anthony Scaramucci, formerly the White House communications director, who was fired just a few days after being hired. Scaramucci is taking revenge by declaring that the White House is full of incompetents, and that the president gets pushed into making amateurish blunders. However, Trump is not being scolded for a blunder, but rather an ideological mistake: not limiting himself to condemning only the extreme right, but also those from the liberal left who took to the streets to use force, thereby triggering a spiral of violence which led to three dead and more than 20 wounded.

It’s the second time in a matter of days that Trump has been attacked for his remarks on recent events. The president reacted to the launch of North Korean missiles – developed and launched with the declared purpose of hitting America in Guam, Hawaii or Alaska – by threatening the Pyongyang regime that he would unleash “fire and fury like the world has never seen” on North Korea. Trump’s enemies accused him of acting the same way as the North Korean dictator by confusing real missiles with empty words.

Trump is also dealing with a worsening racial issue after eight years of Barack Obama. Black communities in areas like Chicago have been devastated by armed clashes of teenage gangs. The consequence of such violence is that the police force then adopts increasingly brutal sanctions, resulting in a continuous increase in the deaths of blacks by police officers. During the election campaign, Trump said, “I’m not as particular a fan of African-Americans as Clinton, but these citizens under my presidency will have everything to gain because I’ll stop the massacres, fill the schools, impose order.”* We have reached mid-summer and the number of deaths related to racial issues has, for now, decreased, although the solution is still far away. The long-standing historical problem of Nazi supremacists still remains, but the nerve of Trump’s opponents to pass off the president as their accomplice is disgustingly hypocritical.

*Editor’s note: Although accurately translated, this quoted phrase could not be independently verified.

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