The New Hitler

Editor’s note: Content referring to the Holocaust may be offensive or disturbing to readers.

Those who witnessed the first half of the 20th century and followed up on international events, or those who read history books about the Hitler era, will notice – without much effort – a great resemblance (even a match) between what was happening back then – when Hitler started to feel the power of Germany – and what is happening today as demonstrated by the actions of American President Donald Trump. Hitler challenged the international treaties and international resolutions of the international community through the United Nations and decided to occupy countries and to add territories to Germany by force. He did an excellent job in demeaning the people invaded by his armies and asserting superiority over the rest of the world, backed up by his powerful military force.

Today the same scenario is repeating itself, and the American president is portraying the same arrogance as he challenges international laws and resolutions passed by the U.N. and its special councils; he went beyond that to threaten prosecution of judges on the International Court of Justice and sanctions if they issue any ruling which condemns America or its people, especially U.S. soldiers who have committed vicious crimes while attacking a number of countries.

The greatest paradox is that Trump is adopting the Israeli narrative that Hitler burned hundreds or thousands of Jews during the so-called Holocaust and is shedding tears of great sympathy with those burned to death by Hitler, according to the Israeli narrative.

From a humanitarian point of view, one can’t approve of Hitler’s killing and burning of hundreds or thousands of Jews, hence if he had actually committed this vicious crime and killed only one Jew, then every human being would have sympathized with the victim.

The great paradox is that the American president, who is crying his heart out on the hundreds or even thousands burned to death by Hitler dozens of years ago, is now viciously implementing plans to kill more than 10 million people by forcing an embargo on Palestinians and starving them to death. This applies to both those who still live in what’s left of Palestine, which was robbed by Israel, aided by strong American support, and those forced into a diaspora by the vicious Israeli invasion and forced to live in inhumane conditions at the refugee camps.

Trump decided to starve the Palestinian people by stopping funding from America to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, which took care of the refugees, and cut American funds for hospitals in East Jerusalem for treating Palestinian patients. America continued with the crime of starvation and the embargo, extending its threat to Arab countries and any other country that provides funding to international organizations so the organizations can resume activities in offering humanitarian aid to keep Palestinians alive, on what is left of their land or at the refugee camps.

I will not discuss this from a political point of view, but I didn’t expect the American bullying to reach this degraded level, in which America decided to place a whole population under siege until it starves to death.

Even Hitler who represented the uttermost discrimination and aggression didn’t reach this level of political and moral decay reached by the new Hitler now on the throne of authority in the United States.

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