European Obsession over Parity with the US

The extent of European amateurish behavior in the Iran crisis is only exceeded by their insane insistence on standing with U.S. as equals on the international stage. The EU reveals a blatant lack of strategic consideration.

If we needed yet another example of the weakness and weak-spiritedness of European foreign politics, we have it now with the withdrawal of the “Méndez Núñez.” Spain is recalling its frigate from the American aircraft carrier combat group precisely at the point when it is also preparing to protect European interests in the Persian Gulf.

How does Europe expect to be taken seriously in the world if it doesn’t accept any international responsibility? And if Madrid wanted to express its misgivings over American policies concerning Iran, the frigate never should have joined them in the first place.

The extent of amateurish blundering is terrifying. It is only exceeded by the European obsession with being equal to Americans and the misguided belief that we wield corresponding power on the diplomatic stage.

The leading candidate of the European People’s Party, Manfred Weber (Christian Social Union) ascribes to this view as well. He proposes in all seriousness to the diligent and obedient electoral candidates that the EU assume a mediating role in the conflict between the U.S. and Iran. As if Europe had the influence to push through even one single measure that it considered reasonable.

In truth, Europe is no wilted flower worth throwing in the trash, as the right-wing populist parties loudly proclaim. But the EU is not a power that can significantly shape international developments, either. And what’s worse is that Europe is not thinking strategically. Even the bigger member states have forgotten how to play by these rules, except that neither Weber nor the EU questions whether the unity of the West isn’t more important than a mediating role in a conflict in which Tehran is the villain.

Weber is making the mistake that all Europeans are making: they are relying on their rallying cries, not their holdings. It’s also for this reason that Europeans are gnashing their teeth as they go to vote, if they even do.

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