Trump or Biden: The Endless, Futile Debate

Some of the Arabs here and in America want Joe Biden in the White House, believing that Biden will be the “savior” or “prophet” sent to humanity. It is only natural for Biden to try to appeal to Arabs and Muslims in America to get their votes in the American presidential election. This narrow view indicates, if anything, a distinct political naivety, and a lack of understanding of the nature of the political structure in the United States and of who holds the real power in America when it comes to foreign policy and global strategy.

America is governed by one party known as the Democratic Party and another called the Republican Party. But the real power is the deep state, made up of the major energy companies, the military-industrial complex and the industries attached to it, the intelligence agencies, and the major banks’ financial webs and transcontinental interests. All the political figures that appear on the scene are nothing but pawns controlled by the deep states’ interests, and those who refuse obedience are assassinated like President John F. Kennedy was.

To take a lesson from political history, the concept of colonialism was not created by a particular nation’s leader or party, it was created by major companies that were searching for markets for their goods, and looking for energy sources and raw materials for their manufacturing. These companies created an army of mercenaries to protect their interests and defend themselves even without the regular army. Perhaps the best example of this is what these companies have done and are doing in the Amazon region. So many union workers and environmental activists have been killed by the mercenaries of global corporations crossing the continents looking to exploit the region’s natural resources without any regard for the environment, or the health and well-being of the tribes that inhabit them.

Former President Barack Obama came to the White House with everyone praising him as “the Messiah,” to save the world from the wickedness of the “axis of evil” and the terrorism that was wreaking havoc on Earth. He was granted the Nobel Peace Prize early on during his time in the White House, in the false hope that he would be the “savior” for all of humanity. He delivered a landmark speech in Cairo on tolerance, denouncing racism, and ushering in a new era — albeit alongside such intellectual and ideological fantasies and delusions — with openness toward the Islamic world.

The question here is did he make any real change to the United States’ foreign policy and its brutality toward other countries? With his blessing, Libya was destroyed under the table in 2011 via an American-led NATO so that he could kill Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and avoid clashing with U.S. Congress.

Libya was transformed into a failed state ruled by warlords and terrorist groups, a hotbed for importing terrorists on demand, a trade hub for human organ trafficking and a center for illegal immigration to European shores. Libya is still suffering today from the consequences of this brutal aggression that has torn apart its social fabric.

With his blessing, the global war on Syria was launched so as to destroy it. He went on television numerous times to say that Dr. Bashar Al-Assad should step down for the sake of his people and that his days are numbered. Like a parrot, he echoed the words “barrel bombs,” citing the Syrian opposition abroad who were living in seven-star hotels, paid for with petrodollars.

And has he changed his policy of killing and assassinating with drones from U.S. bases tens of thousands of kilometers away? According to experts, the use of these long-distance drones increased more in Obama’s presidency than in that of his predecessor, President George W. Bush. How many families have died in Yemen and Afghanistan because of this despicable policy? How many wedding celebrations were turned into funerals as a result of these drones, whether in Yemen or Afghanistan? His vice president, Biden, believed that the best solution in Iraq was to divide Iraq into three states: a southern one for the Shiites, a central one for the Sunnis and a northern one for the Kurds. This is some relief for those who suffer from political amnesia.

This goes out to the dreamers who believe that the Democratic Party and its candidate Biden serving in the White House will change U.S. foreign policy in the region or the world. This is especially addressed to the Palestinians that believe that what Donald Trump has bestowed upon the Zionist regime through the so-called deal of the century will be returned to them by the Democratic administration. They are advised to research Biden’s presidential campaign’s stance on Israel and Jews (which is available online) so they will be fully aware of what awaits them. Stop building castles in the sky. The Republican and Democratic administrations do not differ whatsoever, they are simply carrying out the deep state’s bidding and nothing more.

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