Didn’t Zelenskiy Hurry To Kow-Tow to Biden?

Editor’s note: This article contains information that is false or cannot be verified, as indicated.

The incumbent U.S. president is determined to unravel all the Democrats’ machinations during the election.

A quick analysis of the American media coverage shows that Donald Trump is champing at the bit and seems determined to unravel the massive fraud that took place in the election.* Democrats remain euphoric, but their elation is gradually beginning to subside. The smartest of them have started to realize that they are trapped, and some may even go to jail for a decent amount of time.

All that is known at this time is the following:

1. Attorney General Bill Barr has authorized federal prosecutors to conduct investigations into alleged voter fraud.**

2. In order to stay out of jail and avoid digging the party’s own grave, many state attorneys for Democrat-controlled states were immediately fired.*** Apparently, it’s all very serious. The lawsuits have already begun.

3. According to rumors, Trump has already activated National Guard troops in 16 states in case of possible unrest among the plebs, Black people and radicals.****

4. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has refused to give Biden money for the transition,***** and gently suggested that Biden is a self-proclaimed president.

5. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has refused to recognize the U.S. election results and Biden’s victory. He will be waiting for the Supreme Court decision in January. Well done, tough guy!******

6. Apparently, Russia and China are aware of something and have not congratulated Biden.*******

7. Trump has ordered all federal agencies to block cooperation with Biden’s team.*

8. Mexico has not recognized Biden as president-elect. Indeed!

9. In Arizona, vote counting continues; everything suggests that Trump will win there.********

10. A very unpleasant hearing on Republican charges against Democrats is taking place in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania is gradually turning Republican.* Without Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, Biden has only won 259 electoral votes.*********

11. Georgia is beset with infighting, which Republicans seem to be winning.* If so, Biden won’t be president-elect, and a group of European sycophants, including Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson, among others, will find themselves in a very delicate position. As for our own president, he may have shot himself in the foot.

12. In Michigan, some have been charged with fraud.*

13. In Texas, mass arrests have begun. Many seniors have become victims of voter fraud.*

14. The Justice Department’s cybersecurity official was immediately fired. He has run away from responsibility. **********[

Again, Trump and Rudy Giuliani are champing at the bit and there is no doubt that they will bring the case to the Supreme Court. Apparently, the prediction I made 3 1/2 months ago that the Supreme Court would appoint the next president has turned out to be true.*

All that is lacking is the Supreme Court’s recognition of Trump as president-elect and the beginning of a second civil war in the United States. If this comes to pass, my prediction will be totally right. But I sincerely hope that I am wrong about that.

*Editor’s note: This information is false or cannot be verified.

**Editor’s note: On Nov. 9, Attorney General William Barr authorized federal prosecutors to investigate “specific allegations” of voter fraud before results of the presidential race are certified.

***Editor’s note: In response to Barr’s decision authorizing an investigation into unproven “specific allegations” of voter irregularity, Richard Pilger, the head of the Justice Department’s Election Crimes Branch, resigned. There is no verifiable information that state attorneys general have been fired.

****The National Guard is called out by state governors. The president may invoke the Insurrection Act to send in federal troops, but Donald Trump did not do so with respect to the election.

*****Editor’s note: Emily Murphy, head of the General Services Administration, is responsible for releasing the transition funding; she refused to do so until Nov. 23.

******Turkish President Erdogan congratulated President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris for their election victory on Nov. 10. There was no election case before the U.S. Supreme Court as of Nov. 27.

*******Editor’s note: Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated President-elect Biden on Nov. 25.

********Editor’s note: Arizona is expected to certify the election results on Nov. 30 giving the state’s 11 Electoral College votes to Democratic President-elect Biden.

*********Editor’s note: On Nov. 21, a federal judge dismissed a case brought by the Trump campaign that sought to block the certification of votes in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania certified its 2020 general election results on Nov. 24, awarding 20 electoral votes to President-elect Biden.

**********Editor’s note: On Nov. 17, Trump fired Christopher Krebs, director of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency after Krebs posted a statement saying there was “no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in an any way compromised.”

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