Vacancy: World Leader

Throughout history, there have been different leaders of varying military, economic and political strength, who have expanded their domination and influence beyond their borders. This has been going on since the first empires, like those of the Romans or Mongols, until the most recent ones, like those of the French or British.

More recently, the United States has been undoubtedly considered the strongest world power, both for its military and economic power as well as its technological development, exercising a large influence on global geopolitics and a large variety of international organizations.

However, because of some unprecedented elections in the U.S., the seriousness and clarity of the electoral process and its results are now on the line, as well as the political and social stability of a completely divided nation. More than 20 days after these elections were held, officials are still being confronted with challenges regarding the results from the alleged loser, who is targeting officials in key states with his legal demands.

Whatever the final election result is, the reality is that the U.S. has suffered an economic, social and reputational decline in the last few years. This could be in part due to the presence of imminent competitors for world leadership, like China.

China, although it is politically and culturally very different from other countries, nowadays has the capacity to compete with the strongest nations (in terms of economic resources, military strength, productive capacity, discipline and education).

Its weakness? Its inability to invent, along with its inclination to copy when it comes to technology and innovation, which are the backbone of modernity.

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