Trump Won’t Leave

Since the horrors that happened at the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday, I have been reading messages insinuating that the country known for the American dream was “Trumped.” However, the country was already like that: xenophobic and racist. Donald Trump was the fuel that reignited the fire.

Now he is once again dividing political ideals.

The business tycoon and president is the spokesperson for a widespread belief in the United States: that of supremacy. At the moment he defines “Trumpism,” rather than being a Republican, as being supreme in comparison to their enemies, the Democrats.

Wow. Does American culture see an enemy in everything that is different?

Latino immigrants are seen as undesirable, Mexicans even worse. Even naturalized Mexicans or those of Mexican descent discriminate against Aztec blood.

I gathered this quote by a friend in a text I wrote for this same publication back in August 2015 after I saw that the billionaire’s candidacy was secured:

“Trump is bringing all of the racists and xenophobes out of that closets that they’ve been hiding in. The questions that remain are: What will happen if he doesn’t win the presidency? What will become of these two-faced racists? Will they return to the closet? Which Democrats feel the same way as he does?”

Trump’s discourse encourages behavior that has historically caused tragedies, such as the August 2019 attack on the Mexican population in the country, which took place in an El Paso, Texas supermarket, killing 22 people.

People of color are currently leading the Black Lives Matter movement with a very important message against hate crimes, which are ongoing in the U.S. Is it not true that the Ku Klux Klan reflects the identity of American patriotic extremism?

In November 2020, the FBI documented an excessive amount of hate crimes in the last decade. In 2019 alone, 7,314 crimes were recorded; of these, 51 were racially motivated killings.

And now even patriotism leads to hate crimes.

Trump is not solely responsible for what happened at the Capitol, where four of the president’s patriotic, conservative supporters died. Extremists in an extremist country.

What will become of the racists, xenophobes, and violent patriots who have come out from hiding?

Trump’s presidency has ended, but will he really leave? I doubt it.

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