It Doesn’t Matter Who Rules in the US

OPD 4/1

Edited by Gillian Palmer

We’ve already read numerous reactions to Joe Biden’s statement on Vladimir Putin — that the Russian president is a “killer.” Reasonable people must either react, or dismiss Biden with a wave of the hand. Unreasonable people, or those full of hate — I’ll remind you of the words “I’d rather err with the American president than be right with Putin” — are equally incapable of grasping what sort of stupidity they are proclaiming. Hatred dims the brain and can turn a normal person into a lunatic belonging in a psychiatric clinic.

That doesn’t apply only to the American president. It is about him, of course. Such hate can lead him, of all people, to rash behaviors, and those actions cannot be undone later. Such rash decisions — and it can come to that — will only cost the lives of people who did nothing wrong, who only wanted to live their own lives, but were not given a chance to do so. How far is it from hatred to pushing the “red button”? And if the world is in the hands of a psychopath, then all we can do is be afraid.

Many American presidents, as it has always turned out in the end, were not sane. They were only puppets placed in office by big business and investment capital. And it didn’t matter which part of that business world backed this or that candidate. A normal person, no matter how great his talent for governing, has no chance at success in American “show” elections. Elections in the U.S. are a big theatrical production, and for that there has to be money. Do you think that Martin Luther King Jr. could have succeeded, or an ordinary cabinetmaker from Alabama? And if that person were to get a tiny bit higher on the ladder of popularity, they would be stuck with the fate of King.

So, you tell me, which American president in our generation’s lifetime has been sane? Donald Trump with his psychopathic behavior? The Bushes, multimillionaires from the American South, who confused anything slightly complicated and whose sentences have become jokes for the whole world? Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky? John F. Kennedy with winsome Marilyn? Richard Nixon with the Watergate affair? Barack Obama with his promise of peace, who after receiving the Nobel Prize unnerved the world by deploying American troops even in places they had never been before, and with wars lacking U.N. Security Council sanction? I don’t even want to get into writing about Biden. Just the fact that he wants to run for president again in another four years at the age of 83, when even now he can’t entirely control his movements and blathers things that would land any other person in court or in the madhouse, is insane.

It doesn’t matter who “governs” in the United States. We will always have to fear, because those rulers should obviously be transferred to psychiatric hospitals rather than to the White House.

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