The US Is Agonizing over Biden – This Is an Omen for Brazil

Major newspapers and television networks are barely covering this, but the United States under President Joe Biden is a horror show. I am not being hysterical or sounding a false alarm. The facts are very clear and speak for themselves.

Like Brazil, the U.S. is experiencing an economic crisis combined with an unbridled rise in prices. Fuel prices increased by 42% in a year, energy by 25% and food by 5% — there is no meat in some refrigerators. As far as this goes, it’s nothing new, as most of the world is facing the same situation. The difference is there is no perspective on short-term or medium term solutions to this crisis due to the disastrous approach the White House is taking.

Biden is placing all his chips on an absolutely insane economic plan. The $1.9 trillion stimulus package will force the Federal Reserve to print an excess of money amid the backdrop of an economy reduced to ashes. The result of this is obvious: inflation.

In addition, the Biden administration provided individual $1,200 emergency relief payments. As a result, businesses have had difficulty hiring workers because Americans who benefit from government assistance have found it much more advantageous to stay at home than to look for a job.

Absurd government spending will raise taxes and further increase America’s debt.

The main goal of Biden’s economic plan is not to stimulate the economy, but to stimulate the kind of handouts typical of the Third World.* Maintaining a mass of people who depend on the state is the best way to cultivate voter loyalty to the Democratic Party, and “Mr. President” could not let this opportunity slip away.

Immigration is another issue that is keeping Americans awake at night. After a successful zero-tolerance policy on illegal immigration, the country has had its border taken over by an unprecedented number of immigrants in the country illegally. The situation has numerous drawbacks. Such total lack of control on the American border is due to the lax policy of the administration, which is turning a blind eye and not even pretending to fight the problem.

As if things were not bad enough, recent information has emerged about a caravan of 100,000 immigrants without legal documentation heading to the U.S., and the fact that more than 52 immigrants were detained in Panama because of ties to al-Qaida. The news comes from WND.** In other words, in addition to the usual problems associated with illegal immigration, the U.S. now must deal with a terrorist threat within its own country. And the reason may be none other than the Biden administration’s open border policy.

To round out the collection of wonders President Biden and the Democrats have bestowed on Americans, there is one event that symbolizes how America is suffering. The sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl allegedly committed by a student who identifies as gender fluid has shocked most of American society. Aside from the fact that it is offensive and angering people who know about the case, the background of the matter caused it to take on even greater weight and exemplifies the real state of affairs in the country.

The girl’s father, Scott Smith, was the victim of a sordid character assassination following an argument with another father who challenged the allegations. In addition, local authorities from Virginia public schools where the case took place, asserted that no such case was reported. This can only be explained by taking into account the fact that the Democrats promoted oddities like the “Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students,” an absurdity that permits different sexes to share bathrooms, the place where Smith’s daughter was assaulted.

Biden is not only doing a bad job governing. He is killing America as it is, the America of the Founding Fathers, the America where Christianity is a a pillar of that great nation, the America of limited government and free enterprise. Democrats hate their own country and dream of nothing but America’s demise.

At least half of American voters decided to trade a great government for a complete fiasco. They preferred to trade a solid economy, an adequate policy governing illegal immigrants* and initiatives that value the individual over the state for an economy that is in shambles, an unprotected border and the ever increasing destruction of freedom. The establishment convinced many people that Biden was the civilized choice against barbarianism, that he was something greater than simply winning.

Brazilians have a date with the polls in 2022. It will be a difficult election for the right because of the political persecution promulgated by those who cannot be named; naming those creatures in Brazil leads to prison, albeit illegally. We cannot make the mistake of choosing a path simply because of a simple aesthetic rejection of what seems ugly to us. Biden’s America is an omen for Brazil of what could happen.

*Editor’s note: While this term is inconsistent with Associated Press Stylebook standards followed by Watching America, it is the opinion of the translator and editors that the language used more closely reflects the author’s intended meaning.

**Editor’s note: WND is published by

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