Virginia Votes against Gender ‘Anomalies’

In an exciting turn of events, the Democratic Party lost an important governor’s race in Virginia, near Washington, D.C, to Glenn Youngkin, a Republican businessman. The result is being viewed as an important sign that the Democrats and their president, Joe Biden, are becoming less popular. This is especially surprising when you consider the approval ratings for Barack Obama in Virginia and the fact that Obama personally endorsed Terry McAuliffe, the veteran Democratic candidate.

As the first election results came in, Youngkin, told his supporters that his campaign had become “a movement led by parents.”

But what is so exciting about this new “movement” that the Republican candidate described and that Virginia voters joined? It is the about how mothers and fathers protested the involvement of politics in local schools, a protest sparked by the outraged father of a schoolgirl who had been sexually assaulted by a transgender classmate in a gender-neutral bathroom!

The father demanded unambiguous policy banning mixed female and male bathrooms, but the school rejected the demand, deferring to the school’s general policy under pressure from liberals obsessed with normalizing homosexuality, queerness and gender mixing.

The issue later broadened into a protest movement among parents. The Republican candidate rode the wave of this protest and addressed the issue, while the Democratic candidate ignored it, in line with a liberal platform.

Attempts to normalize and legitimize homosexuality are in full swing by the Western world, especially in Western and Northern Europe, and among the liberal left-leaning parties in America and Canada.

There is a relentless effort to turn national attitudes about gender anomalies, both pro and con, into a criterion for determining international legitimacy.

One of the most prominent opponents of this situation is Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has said Russia will not legalize same-sex marriage as long as he leads the Kremlin. During the 2014 Sochi Olympics, controversy arose over Russia’s position on legalizing homosexuality. At the time, Putin tried to ease his strict position on homosexuality, while a number of Western heads of state refused to attend the games. President Obama even announced that the American Olympic delegation would include famous gay sports figures. This occurred after Putin signed a law banning LGBT propaganda in an effort to protect children in 2013.

But American protest did not deter Russia, even when the U.S. Embassy in Moscow raised the rainbow flag to support the gay community at the end of June 2020.

Indeed, the protest by Virginia voters may be a prelude to a larger movement that will grow and reject the liberal authoritarianism that imposes its values on the world. It just might be the beginning.

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