Joe Biden: America’s Most Narcissistic, Machiavellian and Pragmatic President

Throughout American history, U.S. vice presidents have always held privileged positions, mostly as partners in state affairs alongside the president, and as presidential candidates when the president has completed two electoral terms. For example, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson replaced John F. Kennedy after his assassination in 1963. Then, he ran for president. Johnson was elected and remained in office for four more years. His successor was Richard Nixon, who was forced to resign after the Watergate scandal and was replaced by his deputy, Gerald Ford, who held power for two years. In the next presidential election, Ford competed with Democratic Party candidate Jimmy Carter and lost. That is, America’s vice presidents assumed important positions and were prepared to take office.

George. H.W. Bush won the U.S. presidential election after serving as Ronald Reagan’s deputy. Bill Clinton’s deputy, Al Gore, ran for the U.S presidency and lost by only 500 votes to George W. Bush.

During Barack Obama’s two presidential terms, Vice President Joe Biden had a major role in running the state. He was Obama’s active wingman. He was also expected to run for president, but his son passed away after a long battle with cancer, which made Biden reluctant to run for president as he succumbed to grief. Hillary Clinton was nominated instead, but lost the competition to Republican Donald Trump, who cooperated significantly with his deputy, Mike Pence. Trump gave Pence great powers, to the point that the vice president’s name was circulated in the media on an almost daily basis.

As for President Biden, he did not give any importance to Kamala Harris, nor did he grant her any powers. Rather, it seems that he nominated her as vice president before the election was held in order to win the votes of Americans of Asian and Latin descent. After he was elected president, he excluded her and deprived her of any powers or any major role in government. She therefore disappeared from sight, and no longer had any role or influence on political life. As a vice president, she has two powers. As president of the Senate, she casts a deciding vote during split votes between Democrats and Republicans.

On Nov. 12, she suddenly appeared at the Paris conference on Libya as a representative of the United States, knowing that this event had no significance for the United States policy compared to other foreign or internal files. When I saw her giving a speech at the end of the conference, I suddenly remembered that Biden had a female vice president.

I had even forgotten her facial features. I could only remember her laughter and her cool character when she appeared in the media shortly after Biden won the presidential election. At that time, I had the illusion that she had become the second person in government and that it is possible that she would become the first female president of the United States.

However, Harris seems calmer, even miserable and depressed, which indicates that she is disappointed and has lost the hope of achieving her dreams.

This confirms, in my (modest, of course) point of view, that Biden is the most narcissistic, dictatorial, pragmatic and Machiavellian president in the United States.

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