Will Trump Return to the White House?

Many analysts and writers believe that former President Donald Trump has an opportunity to run the United States again and that the conditions the country has experienced under President Joe Biden have led to major crises.

The United States should have been more decisive; it made a mistake. The U.S. abandoned Ukraine and contented itself with sending weapons and aid. Moreover, America has neglected a large number of allies in different countries around the world, especially some Arab countries.

Domestically, American citizens are suffering from difficult living conditions in the face of high prices, unemployment and a lack of health care. And the U.S. has lost a lot of prestige to Russia, which has caused a major catastrophe affecting the entire world.

America will emerge from this confrontation at great loss. Some believe that former President Trump was more decisive in the face of Russia, especially since he enjoyed better relations with President Vladimir Putin. Trump had many cards to play with Putin. The comparison now between Biden and Trump shows that Trump’s position was stronger and tougher with respect to the Russians. He was better at managing the battle for oil.

There is no doubt that the events that have shaken every corner of the world will give Trump a chance to return to the White House. Unless the American people find another knight in shining armor to save them from all these crises, The United States superpower will face challenges it has never seen before, and will need someone to save it.

So, could it be Trump, or will fate reveal someone from the next generation of candidates, a new candidate who could restore America to its old throne? Trump is watching from the sidelines and waiting for Biden to leave in order to return to the White House and write a new page in history. Trump will find someone who clears the way for him. Amid this gloom, Trump will find many among his friends calling on him to take the lead in war or peace in the face of Putin. Will the world witness a new chapter in this story, or will the curtain fall on Trump?

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