Trump and Hillary … Take 2

Today, it seems like the domestic political landscape in the United States is the closest thing we have to dark comedy.

This is nowhere more evident than in the conflict that is beginning to resurface between former President Donald Trump and his fierce rival, Hillary Clinton, who, while having lost her chance at the White House in 2016, has clearly not lost her desire to be president and is looking forward to another spin through the turnstile.

What is happening in America?

The show begins with President Joe Biden, whose popularity is deteriorating daily and who caused a scene recently when he appeared bewildered at the White House about where he was supposed to go. This has further reduced Biden’s stock, while people gravitate to former President Barack Obama.

It is clear that Biden has become a significant burden on the Democrats, who fear losing the midterm elections and, in turn, the 2024 presidential election. Biden seems to be a stumbling block for the country.

From this perspective, you can understand the secret behind the “Hillary” revival, so to speak. Although she made a commitment and promise not to run again at the end of her last race with Trump six years ago, it is clear that her promises are just as pragmatic as her personal character.

Last February, Clinton made appearances in support of the New York State Democratic Party. The American media noted that she is still popular among mainstream Democrats and that her ratings are certainly higher than Biden’s.

Clinton’s recent appearances made many American and international political observers wonder whether Clinton can again be a winning horse for the Democrats in 2024, and whether she can avoid the near certain defeat likely to follow the party in the wake of the choices Biden has made.

Some argue that Clinton will be a 77-year-old candidate if she runs in 2024. This may indeed be correct, but her election might only be for a temporary, transitional single term until someone genuinely charismatic emerges within the Democratic Party who can stand against the Republicans, a party full of individuals who are already significant figures in American political life.

Has Clinton really started her return to the political stage?

It could indeed be the case, especially since those who watched her interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” concluded that she is already seeking a return to the public stage by way of her attacks on Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin over the Ukrainian crisis, which has had a negative impact on America’s trusted allies.

At first, Clinton seemed to court domestic right-wing trends and also toyed with the feelings of the traditionalists within the Democratic Party. The party itself has been facing internal turmoil from the leftist progressives led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who many observers predict will become the first female president of the United States. They trust her more than they trust Clinton. Ocasio-Cortez may need some time in order to grow stronger and to mature politically, but there is no doubt that her candidacy is coming.

Will the Democrats run Clinton as their presidential candidate in 2024?

It is certainly possible that could happen if the Democrats lose control of Congress in November, if only to prevent imminent danger both now and later, in November 2024.

As for the Republican Party, we are seeing significant movements by former President Trump. He is quite determined to return to the White House and turn a new page. Trump is courting more than 75 million supporters and adding more by the day, especially in light of the economic and political disappointments that have dogged the Democrats both domestically and abroad.

A few days ago at a Republican rally in North Carolina, which Trump attended to lend support to candidates running in the primary election, Trump said, “I am the most honest human being God ever created.”

Although the event was meant to offer support to other people, Trump’s words appeared to signal his own intentions for the coming presidential election. He added, “You know, you’ve been investigated years and years, millions and millions of pages of documents, they found nothing,” referring to the investigation into alleged links between Trump and Russia in 2016, an investigation which did not produce any charges.

Trump passes his days suing Clinton and the Democrats for perceived previous wrongs. The timing here is noteworthy. Perhaps Trump is deliberately trying to cut off Clinton’s path back into the political arena. His plans don’t stop there, however. He recently invited Putin to disclose any “dirt” or information on President Biden’s son, Hunter, not to mention information about Hunter Biden and his computer and whatever information it might contain pointing to corruption, all of which would be harmful for the Democrats.

Will the Democrats join hands and stand firm against Trump’s plans?

Absolutely not. Legislators investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, storming of the Capitol are considering criminal charges against two of former President Trump’s allies for their refusal to testify before the committee. In addition, New York District Attorney Letitia James has asked a judge to hold Trump in contempt for his failure to carry out a court order requiring him to hand over documents to help in civil investigations.*

The bottom line is this: whether it’s Clinton or Trump, America is in danger.

*Editor’s note: On April 25, New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron found Trump in contempt and fined him $10,000 for each day the failure to comply continues.

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