The US Strengthens Its Role as World’s Policeman

Washington reaffirms its high degree of commitment to Europe in order to address the influence of populism promoted by Russia

Nobody knows how much longer the Russian bombing of Ukraine will last. What is known for a fact is that, as a consequence of this war, the battered relationship between Russia and the United States has deteriorated further. At present, the new rising tension between the leading world powers in the Cold War has translated into the darkest hours of their relationship since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. As we analyzed in El Mundo on Monday, the recent White House decision to create the position of Arctic ambassador — an area where Russia and China are increasing their presence in waters opened up by climate change — is quite a collective defense strategy on the part of NATO, which is facing a growing Russian military presence in that territory because it is the shortest route a missile heading to Western Europe could take.

Vladimir Putin has established a new command in the region, which he is using as a testing ground for his innovative weapons systems. With this decision, Washington reaffirms its high degree of commitment to Europe and to defending this side of the Atlantic by addressing the influence of illiberal populism promoted by Moscow, aimed at undermining Western democracies.

Added to this war scenario is the increasing concern in the international community about the use of weapons of mass destruction, especially after Russia blocked a minimal agreement in the United Nations regarding nuclear disarmament just two days ago. It was, without a doubt, a resounding failure of the Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, which is the cornerstone of the global effort to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and which has succumbed to Putin’s imperialist interests of continuing to occupy nuclear plants such as Zaporizhzhia, which he has weaponized.

What began as a hope-filled friendship between the two world powers 20 years ago with both countries cooperating in the Afghanistan war is today once again an altogether dangerous confrontation. It has resurrected the Atlanticism that many had given up for dead and has forced Washington to reprise the role of the world’s policeman. The truth is that it is becoming less clear if diplomacy is the art of the possible or the impossible.

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