Elon Musk, Let Donald Trump Back on Twitter

As long as a leader like Iran’s Ali Khamenei is allowed on Twitter, it is purely arbitrary to maintain the ban on the former U.S. president.

Will Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk (51), give Donald Trump (76) back his favorite toy? What leftists in the U.S. are warning about would be the only correct decision.

It was wrong to ban him at the time — effectively the definition of despotism and hypocrisy.

There is no question that Trump has lied, ranted and stirred things up on Twitter. Others, however, have done the same — on a far worse scale. For example, Iran’s leader Ali Khamenei (83), who described Israel as a “cancerous tumor” that had to be “destroyed.” Or Russian embassies that circulate their infamous war lies on the platform to this day. Or the Chinese politician, Lijian Zhao (49), who stirs up his 1.8 million followers against the West and opponents of the regime, including manipulating photos.

The list could go on. And all these accounts are still active. How does one seriously justify the former U.S. president’s permanent suspension?

This bar on Trump has uncovered the big tech company’s alarming power. And exposes reactions worldwide: Because there is usually only a threat to democracy when something doesn’t suit your own opinion.

Provided that Trump would actually want back on Twitter anyway, he should be allowed. And whoever wants to criticize or correct him can do that directly under his tweets again.

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