The Military Aid ‘Package Deal’ – US Sees Taiwan as Next Battlefield

On Oct. 11, U.S. media reported that the White House is preparing to submit to Congress for review a large military aid bill that includes Taiwan, Ukraine and Israel in a “package deal.” It is said that the White House hopes that including Taiwan will win greater support for the bill in Congress.

Taiwan Defense Minister Qiu Guozheng said yesterday that, according to the U.S., the package deal has the supply and sale of weapons in mind. According to Qiu, Taiwan regularly communicates with the United States and other countries regarding arms purchases. Those exchanges are ongoing, and anything that benefits Taiwan is welcome.

However, many people posting online have questioned the United States’ inclusion of Taiwan alongside Ukraine and Israel, making it appear as though sooner or later Taiwan will also be at war. Could it be that the United States also regards Taiwan as a place where war is imminent? It is abundantly clear that the United States intends to push Taiwan toward war.

In the past few years, the U.S. has operated under a hegemonic and Cold War mentality, continuously using arms sales, military aid, joint military training, etc., to strengthen military ties between the United States and Taiwan. It has indulged and condoned Taiwan Independence, stirring up trouble and only intensifying confrontation and increasing tension across the Taiwan Strait. To place military aid to Taiwan alongside funding to Ukraine and Israel in a “package deal” adds fuel to the fire and is something that is bound to escalate conflict and exacerbate tension.

Kuomintang legislator Wang Hongwei said yesterday that all foreign media report that Taiwan is the most dangerous place in the world. They see Taiwan as another Ukraine, Israel or Palestine, despite the continued claim made by the Democratic Progress Party that it maintain peace. From the Russia-Ukraine war to today’s Israeli-Palestinian conflict, everyone is fearful and concerned. War would plunge people into suffering; we must avoid it.

By packaging its military aid to Taiwan with aid Ukraine and Israel, the United States strengthens the impression that Taiwan, like Israel and Ukraine, faces the same dangers with respect to war. Are the Taiwanese people willing to have their name and destiny tied to Ukraine, Israel and Palestine? Can they agree?

The United States is unreliable. One can rely only on oneself for peace. The farther away the United States stays, the greater chance there will be to guarantee peace across the Taiwan Strait, and the safer Taiwan will be.

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