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Listin Diario, Dominican Republic

CIA Director Petraeus
Was a “Ladies’ Man”

By César Medina

Translated By Annerys Diaz

14 November 2012

Edited by Natalie Clager

Dominican Republic - Listin Diario - Original Article (Spanish)

She entered the restricted offices of the head of the allied troops in Afghanistan like she owned the place. She wore tight pants and shirts. The stunning brunette with the sculpted body stopped the breath of the troops. She dazzled General David Petraeus and made him lose his head, which is still rolling at the Pentagon in Washington. But she was not the only one, not even the most beloved of his mistresses. This mess broke in the early days of Barack Obama’s re-election; his Republican opponents are accusing him of having covered the case until after the election to avoid negative backlash.

Petraeus had other paramours before Paula Broadwell made him lose his head.

The pretext of Paula’s frequent visits to the general of the allied troops in Afghanistan and then to CIA headquarters at the Pentagon in Washington was the biography that she was writing about him, the most brilliant military mind in the United States.

Petraeus became head of the CIA 15 months ago, after more than four decades of pristine service in the barracks and in the U.S. Naval School, especially in the exclusive West Point, from which he had graduated with intellectual and physical merits.

Married with two children, Paula fell in love with the military man in his 50s in 2006 when he gave a lecture at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, where she had just graduated in Public Administration, being an Army major recognized for her service.

That evening Paula Broadwell and other graduates were invited to dinner by the lecturer. The two exchanged business cards when she requested additional information to write her doctoral thesis on military leadership style. By then Cupid had played another of his pranks.

Paula changed her mind after seeing the interest the honorable military man was showing her. She decided to write the biography that brought them closer, initiating a doubly unfaithful romance.

The Double Infidelity

This past Monday in their printed edition, The New York Times revealed that the sentimental double life of Petraeus came to light because of Paula's jealousy. She, after finding out that the general had another "lover" apart from his wife of 38 years, Holly, and used the CIA chief’s official Internet connection to threaten her rival.

It is under this circumstance that the FBI and the attorney general opened up an investigation. There was the aggravating circumstance that the course of the investigation coincided with the election campaign and put President Obama’s reelection at risk.

The American media highlighted that the investigation centered on the use of Petraeus’ personal computer against the complainant, another married woman who had a furtive relationship with the chief of the CIA.

The third woman in the sentimental life of the CIA director has asked for privacy in the interrogation so as not to jeopardize her marriage. But it is doubtful that this will be possible given the casual nature of the American press with free access to this type of unclassified information.

Given the wealth of evidence presented by the FBI, Petraeus admitted his guilt when he was called in for questioning on Wednesday, a day after the presidential election. That same evening he visited the newly re-elected President of the United States to present his resignation. Obama did not accept his resignation until three days later by telephone, when the case had reached political scandal.

Other Womanizing

Petraeus has fallen into the fire over the public mess of his two mistresses and his wife Holly, who right now has stayed out of the public spotlight despite harassment from the press.

American society is extremely prude when it comes to public infidelities, not forgiving the former head of the CIA today when two months ago he was the picture of matrimonial faith when his 30-year-old daughter married a Mormon millionaire he disapproved of because the man was divorced with three children. “The scruples of Maria Gargajo," as we vulgarly say here.

Petraeus has a 21-year-old son who followed in his military footsteps and is captain in the U.S. armed forces.

His mistress, Paula, also has two sons. She married to a radiologist, Jimmy Scott, who she has defined as "an amazing and supportive partner, who acts as Mr. Mom," taking care of the little ones in their Charlotte, North Carolina home, while she, the poor one, works day and night, sometimes in front of the battlefield.

The problem is now President Obama's. He portrays himself as a 100 percent faithful husband but supported the contrary, according to accusations formulated by Republicans who say "he covered the mess of skirts" Petraeus until the election was over.

What no one doubts is that because this society is as it is, another rooster would have sung at the White House if the mess of that “so cool” general had been uncovered before last Tuesday’s election.



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