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Ausaf, Pakistan

Fake Dollars

By Muhim Iqbal Khan

When the real value of these fake dollars is revealed to whole world, America will see only darkness everywhere as it bears the heavy expense of spreading its military forces all over the world.

Translated By Mohammed Abuhuraira Akrami

24 March 2009

Edited by Christie Chu

Pakistan - Ausaf - Original Article (Urdu)

In order to understand how Zionists have fooled the whole world with their trickery, keep in mind that for last few decades America has been the hub of their activities. England, previously their haven, is still under their control, just like the other European countries. The Zionists made England their economic slave with the establishment of Bank of England, and trapped America in their clutches from the first day of their freedom. They now have everything in the U.S. under their control, including education, trade and commerce, banking and Media Theater (known as “showbiz”).

Despite their small numbers, the Zionists are bending America and Europe according to their own desires and wishes because of their superiority in planning and resources. With the help of these countries and some of their established organizations like UNO, IMF, WTO and the World Bank, etc., they are earning billions of dollars and shedding the blood of all mankind through the wars they created, which are now running their weapons industry.

The purpose of this article is to unveil the hidden Zionist economic fraud. For the first time in 1971, America completely disregarded the universal principle of holding bullion reserves before printing paper currency. In spite of this requirement, America printed many more dollars than it had reserves and then spent the money. The billions of dollars printed under this new policy were basically nothing more than bits of paper. The whole world was cheated into using these pieces of paper, and thus the world’s economy was damaged. When France learned about this fraud, it demanded that America convert the dollars it held into bullion. America, however, rejected France’s demand since it did not have huge bullion reserves; the U.S. had spent its reserves all over the world. It should be noted that if this had happened with any country other than America, that country would have been immediately declared bankrupt.

To hide its great economic fraud and financial scandal, America immediately approached Saudi Arabia and made a deal in which it was decided that Saudi Arabia (and OPEC) would connect their oil exports with U.S. dollars. In other words, the oil-purchasing countries of the world could only buy oil in exchange for dollars, which were merely the product of printing presses - worth nothing at all. In a practical sense, the oil which America has been purchasing for four decades has been totally free of cost. This exchange has been tolerated by the other countries of the world, making them voluntary and foolish accomplices to America’s theft of trillions of dollars.

Sensing this fraud by America and the Zionists, Saddam Hussein completely rejected it and began selling oil in exchange for euros. He openly dared to finish the American free-for-all, which was obviously not well received by the Zionists. Finally, they planted a fake story about Saddam Hussein stocking “weapons of mass destruction” and not only was Saddam Hussein killed, but Iraqi oil reserves were directly occupied. Later, a dummy ruler Hamid Karzai was appointed in Afghanistan. The readers are aware of the rest of the story.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez also started cursing U.S. dollars and started to sell its petrol in all currencies other than U.S. dollars, which caused many assassination attempts on his life. After investigation, the attacks made on Hugo Chavez were linked to the CIA. Iranian President Ahmadinejad had been waiting for an opportunity to give the “Great Satan” (America) a powerful kick, so he also dared to sell oil in currencies other than U.S. dollars and turned the idols of American pride and conceit into dust.

The natural and logical end of this shell game is not far away, because now that the prudent nations of the world are aware of the Zionists’ crookedness and wicked economic fraud, the members of OPEC will be compelled to stop the connecting the sale of oil with U.S. dollars.

The worst news for America is that after being made aware of the real value of their dollars, the Americans will be compelled to purchase oil with euros or another currency besides dollars, and the American people will witness the nightmare of their economy sinking completely.

When the real value of these fake dollars is revealed to whole world, America will see only darkness everywhere as it bears the heavy expense of spreading its military forces all over the world. The American intellectuals will have no solution for this. Their Jewish masters, however, will want to make them commit the mistake of initiating the world’s worst war (or the world’s last war) to destroy the Islamic world, including Pakistan, using American atomic weapons. This would fulfill Israel’s long-awaited dream of establishing Greater Israel and making it the world’s headquarters, ruling over the whole planet. However, nobody knows the Wisest Ruler’s plan, and that which Allah has decided will happen no matter what.



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