U.S. President Barack Obama finds himself confronted with accusations of sexism because of a compliment. It doesn’t get any sillier. Thus beauty becomes a flaw in a world that wants to make everything equal.

He is without doubt a man of charm and, in addition, a virtuoso of words: U.S. President Barack Obama. He is modern, urbane and enormously popular with men as well as women. If there is something that he masters perfectly, it is staging himself in all situations. He doesn’t rub anyone the wrong way, he is smooth with friends and enemies. And now this: The U.S. President must apologize in front of the whole world!

Not because he committed a grave political error, but instead because he paid a woman a compliment. Promptly, the hammer of feminist political correctness crashed down on him. At a fundraiser, he not only praised Attorney General Kamala Harras as a brilliant and tough lawyer, but also wryly described her as “the best-looking attorney general in the country.” (Anyone who sees her picture can understand that only too well.)

In all seriousness, the compliment was first interpreted as sexism and stupidity on Twitter and Facebook. It doesn’t get any sillier. Beauty becomes a flaw in a world that wants to make everything equal — old and young, big and small, stupid and smart, poor and rich, black and white, short and long, beautiful and ugly — and sells this as equality.

Sexism in Germany?

In the U.S. one is no longer permitted to say that someone is beautiful, but only that he does good work. Men and women can only respond to one another as ascetic robots in the public realm, because every human feeling can be interpreted as sexism and will be punished by unrelenting mindset police.

This bottomless distortion was also experienced by FDP [Free Democratic Party] politician, Rainer Brüderle, with his affable dirndl comment toward a young female journalist, who should have thrown a glass of wine in his face or laughed at him instead of writing a lamenting article. Across the board, Germany was suddenly a country in which women are sexually harassed from morning to evening.

Today, nothing more is heard of it. Brüderle remained silent and that was correct. Faced with the “shitstorm,” Obama, on the other hand, fearfully reached for the receiver and telephoned his “old [friend] and good [friend]” to apologize to her. It cannot be ruled out that she enjoyed the conversation with the best-looking president in the world.