“The U.S. has spent $5 billion on the Ukrainian revolution, the snipers who shot Euromaidan protesters came from the West, the annexation of Crimea was a justified action, and Nemtsov was killed by Americans,” claims Janusz Korwin-Mikke, a Polish member of the European Union, in the interview for a Ukrainian TV program “Shuster Live.”

“Most citizens of Crimea were, by their own democratic choice, in favor of joining Russia,” argued the Polish KORWIN party leader. He emphasized that the existence of an independent Ukraine is critical for Poland, but whether Crimea remains a part of Ukraine or not, does not really matter. “Ukraine could exist without Crimea, and would, had not the U.S. invested $5 billion to destabilize it,” says Mr. Korwin-Mikke, adding that Ukraine’s loss of Crimea, followed by the loss of Donetsk and Luhansk, is a result of U.S. actions. Mr. Korwin-Mikke appealed to Ukrainians in order to make them realize the true intentions of the USA, which pretends to be allied with Ukraine, but, in fact, uses it against its own conflict with Russia.

It is not only American money that was invested. Mr. Korwin-Mikke claims that snipers, who shot protesters during the Euromaidan demonstrations, weren’t sent by Putin or Yanukovych, but came from Western Europe, as allegedly confirmed by Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet. “We’ve got an official history taught at school, and a confidential one, by word of mouth. We can debate who really stood behind Boris Nemtsov’s death. Whose interests did it represent? Could it have been executed by Americans to destabilize the situation in Russia? Or could it have been someone else’s doing? We might never find out,” says Mr. Korwin-Mikke.

The interview, via Skype, caused dismay among the audience gathered in the studio, including former presidents of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko and Leonid Kravchuk. When asked by the TV program presenter what he thought about Mr. Korwin-Mikke’s views, Linas Linkevičius, a Lithuanian foreign minister, also speaking through Skype, half jokingly asked, “I am not sure, who is this guy?” He stated in a more serious tone that “Russia has just produced another Molotov, who is now after another Ribbentrop, and that Ribbentrop will eventually be found, by methods compliant with Moscow’s laws no one understands. If we don’t oppose this process, it will only go further.” Viktor Yushchenko also commented on the current situation in Europe. The Orange Revolution leader stated that the current status of the European Union is weak, and Europe is dividing, which is partially down to the strategy carried out by Putin. Mr. Korwin-Mikke‘s views are just an example of how divided Europe currently is. Leonid Kravchuk, the first president of an independent Ukraine stated that not all views are worth the attention, particularly if they come from minor politicians. “Let’s not comment on the views of someone who does not have enough knowledge or evidence to back up his claims,” added the former president of Ukraine.