After Sept. 11, 2001, the world changed for the worse.

We saw this change most clearly of all in airports. Passenger screening became a process indistinguishable from prison pat-downs. You all have experienced the specifics of this change firsthand, and are still experiencing them to this day. So I won’t play Balzac here, tediously describing to you the obvious and banal.

Roughly speaking, the world became less democratic. There came to be many more police states and elements of totalitarianism in response to the 9/11 tragedy. It happened everywhere, both in the United States and in old, incautious Europe.

In order to punish someone for the evil deed of 9/11, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan — which was on the verge of peacefully establishing itself in its not especially pugnacious version of the Middle Ages — under the pretext that Afghanistan was harboring bin Laden and purporting that this same Saudi troublemaker organized the terrorist attack in New York. I personally think that bin Laden, the vainglorious leader of al-Qaida, merely gave himself credit for the most notorious act of terrorism in history.

We’ve all spent the last 14 years in an atmosphere of ever-shrinking (like the aforementioned Balzac’s shagreen skin) freedoms, while elements of un-freedom that resemble the mores from George Orwell’s book “1984” have invaded our lives more and more. It’s not yet fascism, but a peculiar form of totalitarianism — born out of fear, of course. But are we better off for it?

In order to compensate citizens for curtailed political freedoms and the intrusion of prison customs into their lives, Europe and the U.S. began to suspiciously overemphasize individual rights of minor importance.

I draw a connection between the epidemic of European governments’ and U.S. leaders’ affection for same-sex relations and same-sex marriage, as well as their touchy-feely humanitarian gestures like insisting on rights for the disabled, the adoption of sickly foreign children and so on — you name it — and the toughening, specifically, of political life in the West and the increase in the number of police states.

Thus have we lived to see recent times. The years 2013, 2014 and 2015 have brought us new surprises. And the years will bring more. Europe is faced with a choice: either become militantly nationalistic with elements of Nazism and fascism or change beyond recognition. The problem of the migrant invasion of Europe is the most frightening challenge to Europe in its entire history.

How Are Things Going?

As a result of the predatory policy of the U.S. and Europe, the statehood of several countries of no small importance was all at once obliterated to hell. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya — now they’re finishing tormenting Syria — have been subjected to an assault by the West. The military conflicts unleashed by the West that I call the “human rights wars” were and remain wars of aggression merely dressed in modern humanitarian and human rights clothing that hide their cannibalistic essence. Africa has been destabilized directly or indirectly — the clashes of “good” and “evil” in several African countries, of which Mali is the most striking example, having played a part in destroying their statehoods too.

Ukraine seemed to have broken its statehood itself, but did the Americans, Poles, Dutch, Germans, Finns, French and Baltic people not urge it to do so by addressing Ukrainians on the Maidan? So let’s add Ukraine to the list of countries whose statehood has been destroyed. The Europeans and the Yankees systematically turned the Maidan against Russia. It’s interesting that even though Russia isn’t a communist or soviet country now, they still hate us. So I hope it’s become clear to you that anti-communism and anti-sovietism were mere camouflage for Russophobia.

It’s clear that people and tribes have fled their devastated lands.

But where is there for them to flee to?

It’s a long way to the shores of the U.S.; fragile boats can’t make it across the ocean.

But the distance from the shores of devastated Libya to the Italian island of Lampedusa is practically nothing — a stone’s throw, as they say. And Greece is easily accessible.

However sinister, cunning and rich the Islamic State might be, it’s not within its power to organize an exodus of an overwhelming number of refugees. I don’t support the hypothesis that the spawn of hell has taken advantage of the opportunity and is delivering refugees by the hundreds of thousands to Europe. It isn’t the Islamic State group.

And in the fact that most of the barbarians heading to Europe are young men, I see a simple logic: Men are simply in better physical shape than women and children, and they have the strength to overcome the difficulties and misery of traveling beyond the three seas to wealthy Europe and straight to its heart — wealthy Germany.

Who among them is fleeing war and who is fleeing devastation and poverty, the consequences of war — well, you won’t sort that out. Even the Sorbonne’s greatest professor won’t manage to sort it out. Both are the case.

You Europeans and Americans turned the anthill upside down, kicked it with your own boots — so now what do you want? Don’t complain and don’t squeal; you yourselves are to blame! For the migrants not to flee to you, you’d have to create unbearable conditions for them. You won’t go for it. Not because you’re kind-hearted — you’re not kind-hearted at all — but because your image is important to you, your image as “well-doers” who, wearing rags, have only just scrubbed from your hands the blood of citizens of nations torn to shreds.

As the world changed on Sept. 11, 2001, migrants (photos and videos of which, from the train station in Budapest, are striking and powerful since it’s the Middle East, Asia and Africa that are represented, not Europe) will change the world beyond recognition. They’re already changing it.

There will either be a different religion, black eyes and dark skin — may the Lord save us from accusations of racism (it’s me writing, after all) — and the citizens of Germany will start to look like citizens of the Middle East, or there will be fascist and racist states hidden behind barbed wire, walls and machine guns. There is no third option.

In Russia, I found out today, there are 2.5 million refugees from Ukraine (2,503,680 individuals, to be exact), but they are indistinguishable from Russians. So we’re not threatened by assimilation. We will have the very same eyes, the same skin and the same religion. We won’t have the problem of a difficult adaptation for the Ukrainians. We happen to be in a better position than hapless Europe, which is doomed to disappear in the form in which it has existed for 1,500 years.

It’s not that I don’t care. I would prefer the old Europe. But since there’s no other way and Europe is hostile toward Russia, let it disappear — no big deal.

And lastly.

The process of the West’s self-destruction is irreversible. Like Gorbachev once used to say, “The process is underway.”

We watched the process of the Soviet Union’s self-destruction. Now the European countries are self-destructing. Each in its own time.