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November 2016

The Continent at a Turning Point, Our Region in Danger

November 30, 2016 // Jutarnji List - Croatia - Croatian

<i>The Russians will try convincing Trump to consider a new division of Europe, and that will encourage Serbia.</i> America has a new president and is entering in a new and a changeable era. The main doubt about President-elect Donald Trump is whether he will act as he promised he would during his campaign and cause [Read more]

Trump Continues To Express Ill-Considered Views

November 29, 2016 // Nawa-i-Waqt - Pakistan - Urdu

The newly chosen U.S. president, Donald Trump, said that he will deport 3 million illegal immigrants immediately upon taking oath or imprison them. It is amazing that 3 million individuals should be residing illegally in a country such as the U.S., where everything is so well documented. How did the administrations [Read more]

China Plans To Fill US Power Vacuum in Wake of Trump

November 28, 2016 // O Globo - Brazil - Portuguese

<i>President Xi Jinping has defended the globalized economy and stated that his country will open its doors to partners at a time when Trump has charted the opposite course.</i> If Donald Trump were, in fact, to make good on his presidential campaign promise to implement a protectionist approach to foreign trade, [Read more]
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