Americans are still very divided on Donald Trump. Despite several scandals, the president can still count on support from his solid base in 2020, but questions remain as to whether it will be enough to get him over the line.

Since Donald Trump took office in January 2017, the president has weathered repeated scandals and controversies and remained unscathed. Even academics’ claims that the billionaire isn’t mentally stable to govern the highest office in the land seem to be falling on deaf ears.

A professor of psychiatry at the University of Texas even raised concerns about Trump this week. “Trump does not have a vision or a plan, because he can think only in concrete, elementary, childlike, one-dimensional terms,” writes John M. Talmadge, who concludes that the White House tenant is “dangerous.”

“It's God Who Put Trump in the White House”

Despite the president's recent actions fueling academics’ concerns, Trump’s supporters remain steadfast in their loyalty. Among his base, the strongest support comes from evangelicals and Republicans, who get most of their news from the pro-Trump Fox News channel, according to a poll by the Public Religion Research Institute published a few days ago.

June Knight, an evangelical recently interviewed in Washington, believes that “it’s God who put Trump in the White House.” “People ask us, why are you voting for him when he does all these ridiculous things? The truth is because we have faith in God.” She added: “We are in a real war for the soul of this nation.”*

Ultimately, those who loved Donald Trump in 2016 support him more than ever. And those who hated him now hate him even more. A relatively stable polarization, even after the government launched its impeachment inquiry against him at the end of September. Admittedly, some pro-Trump elected officials spoke out after the decision to abandon the Kurds in Syria. However, there is no question for the Republican majority in the Senate of giving up on the president because of his possible dismissal; if they want to be reelected, these representatives must remain faithful to their boss.

Some of the survey findings might give Trump something to worry about. The PRRI survey shows that Donald Trump is more likely to lose supporters than win them. Among Americans who disapprove of the president's record, 75% believe there is almost nothing he can do to win their support. In contrast, Americans who are satisfied with the billionaire's time in office made up only 33% of those who said that nothing or almost nothing will change their minds. But to win in 2020, Donald Trump will have to convince voters beyond his base.

*Editor’s note: Ms. Knight’s quotes, though accurately translated, could not be verified.