The American Empire Is Approaching Its End

It has become apparent, through Obama’s behavior, that America is a threat to the entire world. It particularly poses a great threat to the success of Muslim countries. We don’t know about al-Qaida. We can’t see it. Al-Qaida did not attack the World Trade Center, and even if it did, it did so on America’s request. Ahmad Nashad was right when he stated that 9/11 was orchestrated by America itself. Soon after 9/11, it started spreading the “al-Qaida propaganda” through the media.

I know that America has lost a great deal of its strength now. China’s economy is much stronger than America’s. We can learn a lot about power when we look at world history. Look at England. Look at how powerful it used to be and where it stands at present. The Muslims conquered much of the world at one time, too. The difference is that people still remember those Muslim leaders fondly. The Andalusian people remember the contributions of the Spanish Muslim leaders; they tell their children about them. Similarly, the Mughals ruled Hindustan for over a thousand years.

America, however, likes to rule the world differently. Just look at its involvement in Afghanistan right now. Hamid Karzai, who was so anti-Pakistan before and had even issued several statements against us, is now claiming to be our friend. He recently stated that Afghanistan will be on Pakistan’s side and help it defend itself against America and India. I am sure America is behind Karzai’s change-of-attitude and that there is some American conspiracy behind it that we cannot yet understand.

Just look at the dead body of the martyr Moammar Gadhafi and you will learn what kind of a man Obama is. Obama is responsible for the holocaust of the Muslims around the world. Everyone here is against America. America itself is suffering due to its actions. Its fanatical, misguided policies have adversely affected its own people, many of whom are unemployed.

America has helped many countries become independent. Now these countries are crying because they can’t escape American influence; America keeps “sucking their blood.” The same thing happened to Pakistan after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Soon, the world will see two superpowers. Then the world will change. America’s policies failed a long time ago. This is why it has become an extremist country and has been busy spreading extremism across the world. Soon, it will ruin itself and collapse. Now is the time for Muslims across the world to wake up. They must be cautious of America and of the puppet-leaders it has installed across different countries of the world.

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