US Watches North Korea Put on Its Usual Act

North Korea is on everyone’s mind in Washington. But for the moment, the sensible Americans do not for a second believe in the possibility of a North Korean attack on their soil, quite simply because, according to the experts, North Korea currently does not have the military capacity to launch intercontinental missiles capable of reaching U.S. soil — nor, for that matter, to stock potential nuclear warheads.

“This is what North Korea wants; it’s the attention of Washington, to be the lead story on American news broadcasts, in order to force America to make allowances for it and provide it with food and energy” that this bankrupt communist dictatorship needs, confides Richard Allen, former national security adviser under Ronald Reagan, who has followed the Korean case closely for years. He believes that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s threats are “for show, yet again.”*

That is not to say that the Obama administration is not worried. In fact, it fears a misstep in the escalating rhetoric leading up to a potential conflict between the two Koreas. Hence the gunboat diplomacy that it practices today by deploying guided missiles and bombardiers in the region, in an effort to discourage any missteps by the North Koreans and show Seoul that the U.S. is on its side.

*Editor’s Note: These quotes, while accurately translated, could not be verified.

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