Obama Thought of Islamic State Militants as Activist University Students

Anyone who believes that the objective of America and the Western alliance in fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is aimed at protecting the security of these two countries or neighboring Arab countries is wrong. Instead, it’s to protect the security of European countries and the United States, especially after it became clear that a huge number of mercenaries or “jihadi” holding European or American nationalities have joined Islamic State group forces in Iraq and Syria. In the Netherlands, the migration of these fighters started in the beginning of 2013. The Security Intelligence Service in the Netherlands stated, “the number of people who have traveled to fight alongside the militant groups in Syria during the past two years has reached 130 extremists. Fourteen of them were killed, 30 have returned to the Netherlands, while more than 80 are still there, including 20 women still in Syria.”

The fellow Middle East Newspaper in its edition wrote last Sunday: “The Dutch Foreign Ministry is currently reviewing a law about dropping the citizenship of anyone who belongs to a terrorist organization or went voluntarily to join the army of a country hostile to the Netherlands or any other country it is in alliance with.”

Germany is also considering a law that would “drop the German citizenship” of anyone belonging to a terrorist organization; it went even further by banning the raising of the black Islamic State group flag in any place or in demonstrations, making it a symbol for any connections to social networking or in mosques in Germany.

Berlin is currently conducting a trial against a Bosnian called “Krashenki,” who is accused of belonging, among others, to the Islamic State group.

Therefore, the reason for the international coalition against the Islamic State group is the fear of a “ticking bomb” posed by the return of those fighters who hold European and American nationalities back to their countries after gaining sophisticated skills in barbaric and brutal killing at the hands of the Islamic State group. If these fighters, who will eventually return to their countries, were from Afghanistan, Pakistan or India, then Europe and America wouldn’t blink an eye!

The truth is the American administration is the one that bears the historical responsibility for the creation of the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria — specifically the mistakes made by President Barack Obama and his half-hearted resolution of a military action on the Assad regime in Syria, as well as turning a blind eye to former Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, who was massacring the Sunnis of Iraq, by taking many innocent lives over the years.

In his latest book, Leon Panetta, who served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency and minister of defense in the Obama administration, said “President Obama bears the responsibility of the chaos that troubles the Middle East. He was fully aware of the rise of the jihadi groups in Syria and Iraq, but he dismissed them, and considered them a group of activist university students!”

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