Mexican Congress Rejects Racist Statements

Representatives and senators of the Permanent Commission of the national Congress agreed yesterday on a unanimous rejection of the “xenophobic and racist statements of the president of the U.S.,” Donald Trump.

In addition, in support of the statement by President Enrique Peña Nieto in which he reiterated that Mexico will not pay for the border wall, the federal legislators requested that the federal executive limit cooperation with the United States on issues that do not affect Mexico and its citizens.

The agreement rejected and condemned the verbal aggression, the restrictions on and feints regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement, as well as the unfriendly acts by the United States leader toward Mexico.

Luis Humberto Fernández Fuentes, the senator from the Workers’ Party, even asked for the suspension of some accords that are negotiated with the United States regarding migration.

Federal senators and representatives demanded “respect for our nation, migrants and Mexicans, all of them” from the president of the neighboring country, and insisted that the cooperation between and Mexico and the United States be based on the principle of reciprocity.

In addition, the members of the Permanent Commission of the Mexican Congress reaffirmed the statement of the federal executive that Mexico will at no point pay for the construction of a wall on the border of both nations.

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