No More Trump

There is only one way to deal with Donald Trump: He needs to be replaced. People will tell you that this is easy and that the answer to the problem lies in encouraging greater voter turnout as the president only maintains his support base in key states. Despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller claiming that Trump’s electoral campaign possibly received funding from Russian sources illegally, the future may well, in reality, depend on the Republicans. Will they let him fall from power or support him whatever the cost?

The Democrats, like left-wing parties in Europe, tend to blame opposing parties for their mistakes. Instead, they should perhaps be teaming up with candidates from other parties who show promise. As a combined force, they could then mobilize an electorate that is tired of being cheated. This is, after all, what Barack Obama did. There has to be an alternative to the current political discourse of fear, hate and xenophobia. The beginnings of such a discourse could be seen in the midterm elections when many young candidates, the majority Hispanic women with socially democratic principles, won seats in Congress.

There is just a year and one month left until the start of the primary elections − the Iowa caucus begins on Feb. 3, 2020. It will be a time of debates and scandals, where candidates from each party will compete to win elections. Unless Special Counsel Mueller can stop him, Trump will be the Republican presidential candidate. Other internal opposition in the Republican Party, like Mitt Romney, will not be capable of challenging the president’s power. The solution to the problem of Trump will therefore lie with the Democrats. However, it is still unclear which candidate will be able to topple the president. It is equally unclear if the victorious candidate will be a man or woman and whether they will be a centrist or a social democrat.

There are three possibilities that could lead to a victorious Democratic candidate. One lies in the left wing of the party, which has recently been strengthened by activists such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez winning seats in Congress. In this part of the party, Sens. Bernie Sanders, 77 years old but still a potential candidate, and Elizabeth Warren, who has already announced that she will be running, seem promising. Another option could be heavyweights ex-Vice President Joe Biden, or ex-New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The third option could be a newcomer with a clean slate who is capable of mobilizing both the left and right of the party.

A new challenger could take the form of the senator from California, Kamala Harris, who played a leading role in the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Or, it could be Beto O’Rourke, who came very close to seizing Sen. Ted Cruz’s seat in the Republican stronghold of Texas.

Beto, as he’s commonly known, spent an enormous amount when financing his campaign and as such was able to appeal to the masses. He also has the advantage of looking like Robert F. Kennedy. Division within the left is clearly not restricted to Spain, as Bernie Sanders’ circle in the party is already attacking Beto.

In November, we learned two things. First, the suburban vote, until now pro-Republican, has started to favor the Democrats as a result of a change in the voting practices of white women. Second, it is necessary to encourage Hispanic and African-American communities to vote because, without them, Trump will remain in power until 2024. That would mean four more years of Trump. Can you really imagine another four years like this?

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