True Intentions

Our homeland is going through one of the most difficult times in its history. With a horrendous economic blockade, the world’s worst imperial aggressors have succeeded in causing us a succession of difficulties, which they will exploit later on while dressing up their true intentions as “humanitarian aid.”

This “support” is nothing more than a pretext to maintain an interventionist stance over our affairs and ultimately to invade us. They have blocked $35 billion, suffocating us and preventing medicine, food and other daily essentials from entering the country; while offering us at discounted prices what we could easily afford with our own resources.

The experiences of other countries and of time have shown that what they really send in these “aid” packages is weapons and expired products, as in Nicaragua. Whenever they intervene, they destroy. The reality is they want to enter in any way they can — even if this means spilling the blood of our people and their soldiers — in order to appropriate our natural resources, as we have the largest proven oil reserves in the world, 20 percent of the world’s total. This is their real objective. They have this valuable but limited-time resource and because of this, they are desperate.

They have not been able to mislead us for a long time and our people know this. Everything they do, everything they don’t do, gives them away. For example, Colombia and other countries experience greater hardships than us and don’t get offered this so-called support. This is no coincidence.

Faced with this situation, all we can do is keep on with the fight, united in action, loyal to the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez and the ideals that uphold our Bolivarian government under the leadership of President Nicolás Maduro. We Venezuelans are committed to peace and are prepared to defend it by hook or by crook. Always loyal, never treacherous. I embrace you all.

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