Donald Trump Is the Democrats’ Chance

The billionaire is staging a culture war against the forces of evil. An editorial about Donald Trump’s renewed presidential candidacy.

It has been four years since the merciless populist and self-promoter rode down the golden escalator of New York’s Trump Tower. Now the 73-year-old is campaigning to be reelected to the White House. And his followers are eagerly anticipating season two of the political drama.

Trump has fulfilled few of his promises: the immigration from the south that he wanted to stop with a wall is now reaching record levels. The trade war with China hurts American farmers. The threat of war looms in the Middle East, which the isolationist wanted to avoid at all costs.

The billionaire stages a culture war against the forces of evil. As long as the economy is doing well, the cynical theater of illusions seems to be well received by his fan base. Yet the Democrats still have a good opportunity to reverse the current course next year. The U.S. economy is showing initial signs of stress.

In current polls, the president is trailing the Democrats. Those are snapshots. But Trump has never found footing beyond his loyal, right-wing base. If the respectable side of America turns out in droves for the election in the critical states, the demon may finally be exorcised in 17 months.

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