It’s Time a Female President Occupied the White House

Elizabeth Warren or one of the other aspiring female candidates could bring the Trump nightmare to an end.

A woman in the White House in 2021? It would make sense. Beyond politics, which will ultimately provide a solution, it would be an act of moral justice and an acknowledgement of equality. This is because it is women who have worked the hardest to challenge Donald Trump, even though 44% of women, the vast majority of them white, voted for a president who has shown contempt for the second sex. His presidency has coincided with a powerful wave of feminism, which is one of the defining features of our time.

A woman could prevent Trump’s reelection in November 2020. This would be a good way to restore prestige in U.S. democracy and erase the image of the ugly American. For United States allies, especially those in Europe, it would be a relief following the chaos that the real estate magnate has caused since he became president. A woman would bring about a return to the equanimity that has been lost. However, making such a change crystallize will not be easy and will depend on the primaries in which 23 aspiring Democratic candidates will go head to head. And Trump still has weapons that may help him to get reelected: an unemployment rate below 4%, an extended period of growth and the paradoxical fact that his electoral base, especially his white, male, blue-collar supporters who did not attend university, still largely believe in him and have not figured out that he works only for the benefit of the wealthiest members of society.

Trump must avoid a new war in the Middle East, as this would destroy any chance of reelection. By foolishly playing chicken with Tehran – he effectively suspended an armed attack only to later order a cyberattack against the computers that control Iranian missile launches – he risks igniting an inferno in the most volatile region of the world and threatening the global economy. Additionally, he cannot allow himself to reach the election without having ended the trade war instigated by the technological hegemony of Xi Jinping’s China.

The Democrats are debating the best ideological stance to take in order to recover the White House. They are unsure about which candidate will be most capable of taking on a president who transcends the classic presidential mold. Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic senator from Massachusetts, or one of the other aspiring female candidates could bring the Trump nightmare to an end, although they will have to overcome the steep and prevalent hurdle of sexism.

Warren, who is approaching 70, is basing her campaign on the defense of the middle class, and has forged her political career on exposing abuse by the big banks. She is charismatic and a tenacious fighter. Like Trump, she appeals to ordinary people who are unable to make a decent living. She is progressive, but pragmatic.

This article is not a prediction, only the hope that there will be a reasonable choice about something that should have happened a long time ago, something that will undoubtedly occur. The United States has had 45 male presidents. Now it is time for a female president to occupy the White House.

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