Appealing to the Court of History: Silent Majority Is Trump’s Best Bet

“History will judge you.” That’s what President Donald Trump wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who is considered the driving force behind the campaign to impeach the president. This marks a historic turning point in the American political landscape from the resignation of former President Richard Nixon in the 1970s during the Watergate scandal. Nixon had spied on the offices of the Democratic Party prior to the election that resulted in his second term.

Perhaps the demonstrations in support of impeaching President Trump in certain American cities are an extension of the dramatic scene in American politics that is attracting millions of onlookers around the world, particularly with the approach of the presidential election next November.

It will be a fierce struggle, given the unprecedented state of hostility between the White House and its political enemies in recent decades. It has reached the point of arm twisting and the exchange of political barbs.

Demonstrations, as well as procedures in the House of Representatives, are not exactly new. Democrats have been employing these tactics since President Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, in extraordinary contradiction to the results at the ballot box. Previously, Democrats used this approach to stoke chaos in other countries and impose their agenda, as happened in during the Arab Spring.

However, demonstrations are an honest reflection of the state of powerlessness that Democrats are currently facing. They realize the failure of their impeachment campaign, particularly in the Senate, where the Republican majority remains in control of decision making. Consequently, the chance of successfully removing the Republican president is absolutely nonexistent.

President Trump’s appeal to history is a clear indication that he recognizes the Democrats’ approach, which is to apply as much pressure as possible to tarnish his image in the eyes of the American public. Meanwhile, Trump’s message to Pelosi is an indirect message to the American people, specifically the segment that is not politicized and which we can call the “silent majority.” This segment has been Trump’s best bet since the beginning of the Trump era, as he endeavors to appeal to those citizens who have experienced economic improvement since he entered office.

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