The Peace Plan That Will Intensify the War

This week, President Donald Trump will present Israel’s political leaders with what he regards as the definitive peace plan for the Middle East. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a close friend to the Republican president, along with Benny Gantz, the political rival he will face in the general elections set for March 2, will hear about a proposal that is dead on arrival. Everyone, including the meeting’s participants, will feign surprise and interest over a shameful peace plan that will deal a brutal blow to the Palestinians.

Ever since Washington recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in 2017 and gave orders for its embassy to be moved there, the Palestinians have concluded that the doors to any sort of understanding between the parties were closed. Anything that comes out of Trump’s head will be nothing more than a pointless pyrotechnic display with zero significance, designed solely to provide support to the right-leaning Netanyahu in his abusive efforts against Palestine. Moreover, however, the supposed peace plan serves as a good distraction in times of impeachment.

The current prime minister and Gantz are approaching the absurd meeting in the United States from very different positions. One of them who has diminished power, lacks a parliamentary majority and is currently facing prosecution on corruption charges welcomes any type of political distraction, regardless of how effective it might be in terms of the pursuit of peace. On the other hand, Gantz, who is hoping to unseat his rival, received the invitation because he has an extremely high chance of winning in the forthcoming elections, although he knows that the proceedings scheduled in Washington are a potential minefield because of Gantz’ opponent, who is a shrewd and experienced master of politics.

The Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, which suffer from increasing abuse, intervention and invasion, have spent the last three years in a state of profound hopelessness because they know that any type of agreement with Israel is impossible. This is why their leaders asked not to see the proposal. They know that, with Trump and Netanyahu, the path to building two states is impossible and they prefer not to enter into a game of futile negotiations with a mediator that, for years, has favored one party over the other. Therefore, rather than peace, the plan will bring the Middle East a time of humiliation and violence.

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