Against Trump? Against One Another!

Party officials who are against Sanders, the left who are against Bloomberg, and progressives who are against Buttigieg. What the Democrats should be saying is everyone against Trump.

The Democrats actually learned a big lesson from the great Nov. 8, 2016 fiasco. It is better to work together against the Republicans than to fight among themselves. They agreed that Donald Trump profited decisively from the conflict between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The wounds from the 2016 primaries cut deeply; Clinton was so unpopular among Sanders’ supporters that they could not bring themselves to vote for the Democratic nominee Clinton. The result is well known.

Despite all this, Democrats seem to have forgotten their lesson.

First, there was the terribly botched caucuses in Iowa; the days of dysfunctional vote counting that resulted in all candidates suddenly declaring themselves to be winners, followed by having no real winner in the end as Pete Buttigieg and Sanders were somehow dead even. And then, they were not, as one had more delegates while the other had more votes.

Thus, both Buttigieg and Sanders, along with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, demanded a recount. Conspiracy theories were already circulating that party officials had something against Sanders and were clandestinely working on sabotaging him; or that candidate Buttigieg’s firm had played a part in programming the vote tallying app. All of that couldn’t just be coincidence.

Pro-State and Cheeky

After the New Hampshire primary, the pool of candidates has thinned out, leaving only white candidates. Nonetheless, two of them are women and one of them is the first openly gay presidential candidate in U.S. history. But that doesn’t change anything about the remaining candidates going at each other’s throats.

Are you kidding me? Sanders is an old curmudgeon who will be able to implement just a few of his good ideas. This is also true about Elizabeth Warren, only she is a know-it-all instead of a curmudgeon. Buttigieg, the only nonmillionaire among the candidates is, however, so pro-state and cheeky that the LGBTQ community turns away in disgust. Joe Biden is a caricature of himself. Amy Klobuchar’s dynamic success is being called “Klomentum.” Michael Bloomberg wants to buy the candidacy for himself (and will possibly succeed in doing that).

But it’s actually all about voting Trump out of office. Even a broomstick would make a better president.

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