Trump’s Farewell Comeback

Joe Biden has been confirmed by the Electoral College as the next president of the United States, but with one month to go before his official inauguration on Jan. 20, Donald Trump will do all he can to leave a mess for Biden to clean up. Recently, Trump discussed during a White House meeting whether to invoke martial law, and spoke of assigning controversial figures as special prosecutors to investigate election fraud, sending the Oval Office into an upheaval.

A few days ago, acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller suddenly ordered the stop of transition meetings with Biden’s team, causing an uproar. This sudden move by Miller, who was appointed only a month ago, stunned the Pentagon, and has been interpreted as a hostile raid by Trump upon Biden. In the past two days, Trump brought up the fact that the former national security advisor has advocated the use of martial law to reverse the election results, causing heated debate in the White House. Staff and lawyers are of the view that such a proposal lacks a constitutional basis.

White House staff oppose the use of martial law, as they know that there will be no good consequences for such deviant practices. Moreover, those who support the suggestion tend to hold extreme views, and with Trump’s presidency coming to an end, most feel that there is no need to go along with such a desperate bet. A few days ago, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell recognized Biden’s victory and called on members of his party to accept the election results, understanding that the election has been decided and that the Republican Party does not need to play along with Trump any longer.

For more than a month after the election, Trump has been preoccupied with overturning the election results, ignoring more pressing issues in the country. The U.S. has recently become the world’s largest disaster area, with more than a million new COVID-19 cases diagnosed each week. In addition to arbitrarily issuing preemptive pardons to his cronies, Trump has also been granting mining rights to a number of companies before the transfer of power. Biden will have his hands full cleaning up these messes.

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