Biden Brings Ambition Back to the US

Every White House resident knows he gets a four-year term, but that he has barely two before the often adverse midterm elections complicate his agenda. After tackling the great urgency of COVID-19, and stimulating a true fight against the coronavirus in the still-leading global superpower, Joe Biden must deploy all the ambition that the United States needs to stand up to China as soon as possible.

The “Build Back Better” plan, which has just been presented in the symbolic state of Pennsylvania, seeks, like Roosevelt’s New Deal, to reestablish the fragile foundations of the country, which are increasingly often left vulnerable by hurricanes or cold waves. The 13th best place in the world in infrastructure quality, a position to which the U.S. has fallen, requires the 1.7 trillion euros (approximately $2 trillion) that the democrat plans to invest in eight years. The funds will create millions of jobs, recover roads and electrical networks that are almost in ruins, and, above all, overcome the structural inequality of minorities and women as well face the climate crisis. In the political battle ahead, Republicans will have to decide whether to serve only corporations or to work for the future of all Americans.

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