A False Accusation

We already know that liberal-left ideology and its hodgepodge trends (wokeism, Black Lives Matter, Antifa) couldn’t care less about facts.

Whatever happens, they build a narrative. Others can say whatever they want; they stick to the script and push it.

Despite knowingly using terror tactics to sway public opinion, the Kyle Rittenhouse case is still a turning point in the history of media brutality working to eradicate free speech in dictatorial ways: contradicting facts, twisting them, questioning the legitimacy of the jury’s verdict, presenting fictional stories as real and putting all this together with a bow on top. We can safely say that it can only be compared to the professional propagandists of the Brown or Red Terror.

That is why it’s a huge surprise that the jury delivered an acquittal in the Rittenhouse case, despite pressure from the liberal left to brainwash American public opinion.

Rittenhouse, an 18-year-old firefighter cadet, tried to help the owners of burning homes and businesses put out the flames during last year’s wave of riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the murder of George Floyd (during protests about the death of this African American man). He was not expecting anything pretty, as he also took with him an automatic assault rifle, which he carried legally. Three men attacked him and one of them threatened to kill him. Rittenhouse then aimed and shot each one; two died and the third was injured.

The insane mainstream media never, not even for a moment, considered the possibility of legitimate self-defense. They presented the events as a murderous example of white supremacy. It was not an issue for the “party propagandists” that all the men shot were white. The left-wing news made them out to be Black, and with the present situation in mind, we can even call the outlets courageous that later declared the attackers white; however, they made sure to add, “but they were protesting for Black rights.”

Mostly peacefully, of course, as many news outlets reported at the time. The term “mostly” certainly referred to some pushing in the heat of the moment and maybe a broken window or two, but this sort of thing is natural in this situation. Nonsense! Explicitly, civil war conditions were created by the perpetrators, exacerbated by abundant arson and a casualty.

Pressure by the media was dreadfully high on both public opinion and the jury, as they tried to make a second Floyd event from the incident; even when it turned out that everything could be said of the attackers except that they were innocent as a child, similarly to Floyd, who had multiple convictions. One of them, for example, was convicted in 2002 of sexually molesting five young boys under the age of 12.

Undeterred by every argument, the liberal left made the case a part of its own identity, so it’s no surprise that U.S. President Joe Biden — who admitted that he did not follow the events — declared that he was angry and concerned about the jury’s decision. These were the words of a president about the lawful decision of a jury.

Overall, the reason that the Rittenhouse case marks a turning point in the story of the liberal left’s lunacy is because it’s perhaps the first time that party propagandists have mobilized politics, the judiciary, the media, public opinion and their own ideology with such centralization and strong intensity in the interest of a false accusation. It was unsuccessful, which gives us a reason for hope.

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