We Were the West

We were the West; instead, we now continue to follow the U.S. in its hysteria.

We are on the edge of the abyss, and the pathetic little world of Italian politics has already crashed without us yet realizing it. We continue to follow these human dregs who miserably quibble over begging for miserable votes, which will only benefit their own future.

In the name of the sanctions that the Americans have required us to impose, Europe is imploding as a result of utterly predictable Russian retaliation. We were so hoping for a moral and economic recovery after COVID-19. Two hundred billion was granted to Italians to improve justice, infrastructure, public health, education, the use of renewable energy and social inequality — and instead, there’s nothing. COVID-19 isn’t over yet, and no one breathes a word as long as there are two vaccines, strictly and exclusively American, that allow the virus to run rampant but at least “protect” us from hospitalization. No one in this election campaign has clarified how there will even be a shred of negotiation in the horrific war. The reason is always that we are all slaves to the Americans.

The Americans have betrayed Mikhail Gorbachev’s good faith, having avoided formal ratification of the promise not to wield NATO influence within the borders of the former Soviet Union in exchange for the unification of the two Germanys. The Americans from BlackRock, an investment company with an amount of capital equal to the gross domestic product of Germany, France and Italy put together, have their hands in the pockets of major weapons industries, always American, the products of which cannot be consumed like any other kind. To consume them, someone needs to die, and for the United States, wars must never finish. These same Americans, who rejoiced at the fall of the Soviet Union, chafe at seeing their enemy becoming competitive once again, not just from a military point of view but most especially from an economic one.

They are scandalized by Vladimir Putin, the dictator who poisons his enemies and murders journalists, when America’s own history is full of presidents, champions of human rights and inconvenient singer-songwriters murdered only because they got in the way of powerful lobbies, some of which cannot even be named. And today, they are not shocked by the way in which they themselves are represented by characters who are even worse than the puppets imposed on various banana republics. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are different sides of the same coin. They differ in the extent to which they are ridiculous, grotesque to the point of rendering any other positive characteristic superfluous. And we Europeans continue to follow this nation in its hysteria, its expansive obsessions, its model of capitalism that no longer holds up, based on growth that could never be infinite. Just like in sports, there are limits which you can never supersede, such as someone never being able to jump more than 3 meters (approximately 10 feet) or run 100 meters (approximately 328 feet) in five seconds, so we will have to be content with progress that is increasingly closer to hundredths of a second before we give up.

We Europeans, who invented the West, exported it to the other side of the Atlantic through people whose DNA carried ambition, the desire to elbow themselves forward, a lack of scruples, and, let us add, desperation. This selection of Europeans created a reality with unique features, a society capable of asserting itself by means of the aforementioned qualities, wiping out the Native (American) population through the greatest ethnic cleansing in recorded history and replacing it with Black people, transported in chains. This is a society that today does not even respect its own origins, a fact that imposes on us something that will be our ruin, all in the name of its own well-being — a well-being that, even for the Yankees, is marked by the very principle that generated it, the principle that there is impossibly infinite growth when “two things are infinite as far as we know: the universe and human stupidity.”

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