The US Is To Blame for the Immigration Crisis

Mexico is currently experiencing tension because of the large numbers of migrants massing on its northern and southern borders. The migrants have come from various Western Hemisphere countries and are heading for the U.S. Suffering can be seen in the faces of the people in the caravans, which are made up of families seeking asylum and work. In their homelands, these families have not been able to find a way out of the crises exacerbated by internal and external factors and by bad governments, some under the thumb of unbridled Yankee imperialist capitalism.

There are numerous groups of these migrants chasing the “American dream.” The factors leading to the emergence of these groups are varied. The governments of South and Central American countries have not put laws or policies in place to provide dignified, well-paid employment, not to mention other necessities such as health care, housing, education, security and justice. Another influence in these mass movements of large numbers of migrants is the brazen, very active interference of the U.S. in the internal affairs of the different countries through its embassies. The lackey governments are forced to establish an imposed, aberrant democracy, resulting in puppet governments servile to the Yankee empire.

There are many examples of this interference. U.S. embassies were involved in the coup d’état in Peru, in the recent elections in Paraguay and, in Guatemala, in the ruling by the electoral court in the presidential election of 2023 refusing to permit Thelma Cabrera to register as a candidate for the presidency. Cabrera, a Maya Mam woman, had a shot at winning the election and advancing the progressive views that scare the empire so much. This problem of mass migration does not touch those who persuade others and profit with them in mercenary schemes. “Uncle Sam” has declared war on progressivism in Latin America. The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States must work together to evaluate this and other problems — and the Organization of American States should withdraw because of its poor performance and bias in favor of imperialism.

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