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Kitabat, Iraq

Iraq in the Bloody American Landscape

By Abdul Jabbar al-Jubouri

Translated By Emily Schlomann and Christopher Marrs

27 January 2013

Edited by Natalie Clager

Iraq - Kitabat - Original Article (Arabic)

One would be remiss to believe that the chaos, corruption and violent sectarianism practiced by the political parties that have seized Iraq are anything but a reflection of the bloody conflicts facing the Arab world fomented by America and its allies. These bloody conflicts are attempts to divide the region along national, racial and sectarian lines in accordance with Bernard Lewis’s plan.

This plan is not by any means new. Lewis began developing it in the 1980s, first in Afghanistan, then in Iraq and Libya with a barbarous, destructive invasion during which he touted the obscene slogan, “creative chaos.” Out of all the destruction wrought by this horrible plan came the lie of the so-called Arab spring.

What is happening in Egypt and Tunisia is the shameful outcome of a false spring in which political Islam has seized power. Political Islam has been proven to fail in Iraq, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. Naturally, the people would rise up against backward Islamic regimes in Egypt and Tunisia.

Today, Iraq is entering a critical confrontation with a sectarian regime fully supported by Iran; see statements made by Ali Akbar Velayati, representative of Khamenei, calling for Maliki’s government to forcibly suppress Iraqi demonstrations.

The Iranian Quds forces, the Revolutionary Guard and its militias are already present and wreaking havoc among the Iraqi people: displacing them, murdering them and carrying out assassinations with Iranian silencers. These elements have also turned humanitarian, economic and cultural centers into fronts that have been used by Iranian-formed and funded parties within Iraq. These parties, blocs and militias boast about such activities and use them to threaten the Iraqi people — see the statements made by the leader of Ahl al-Haqq Bands and the Iraqi Hezbollah.

They boast and threaten the Iraqis on top of the bombings, assassinations, arrests, exclusion and marginalization by the sectarian autocracy, on top of financial and administrative corruption. Even the highest levels of government ministers and senior figures in the parties in power are affected; meanwhile, Iraqis are living in dire poverty, suffering from hunger, deprivation, fear and neglect.

The Iraqi revolution came out of the capital from the Iraqi men who humiliated America and her rabid dogs running loose all over Iraq. The Iraqi provinces stood up against the injustice, exclusion and deliberate sectarian marginalization and dictatorship, demanding the release of hundreds of thousands of innocent detainees held in secret government prisons. The decisions of Bremer, the infamous civil governor of occupied Iraq, and the Anti-Terrorism Law were reversed, all of which deliberately targeted Sunnis in arbitrary arrests.

We are on the verge of sectarian war, not with a specific faction, because there are no divisions within the Iraqi people. The facts on the ground prove this, such as when the tribes of our people from the south took part in demonstrations in Anbar, Samarra, Mosul, Diyala and Baghdad.

Maliki's government declared sectarian war on the Iraqi people for Iranian objectives: to suppress and kill as many Iraqi rebels as possible as revenge for eight years of war. According to media statements, the might of Baghdad came to Anbar to end the peaceful public protests and opened fire on demonstrators. A great number of protesters were killed with dozens wounded in an abhorrent exercise of U.S.-Iranian democracy.

The same cowardly actions occurred in Nineveh, when demonstrators were prevented and provoked into expressing their suffering under the government's oppression. This is just further escalation of the sectarian government's declaration of war against the demonstrators, at a time when the political process is surely dead. The silence from the U.S. and the international community is disgraceful after what the Iraq people have suffered — extermination, murder, displacement and systematic exclusion.

The entire region is facing another world war, especially with the West's reluctance to end Bashar al-Assad's bloody regime and their support of his staying in power until Patriot missiles are installed on the Turkish-Iranian border. This is in preparation for forthcoming military operations, backed by America and her allies in the region, against Iran and its nuclear weapons programs and the implementation of its plans and its establishment of the Greater Middle East. Iraq is in the heart of the storm, and what is happening now is surely the beginning of the post-Assad era and the "creative chaos" of America — may they perish.



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