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The Truth

April 27, 2019 // La Prensa - Honduras - Spanish

The delivery of these files ... provides concrete knowledge and assorted data, as abundant as it is valuable.

Trump and the Failure of Decency

October 31, 2018 // El PaĆ­s - Spain - Spanish

Ultimately, the tragedy is not that decency is no longer an attribute that politicians should project, whether falsely or truly. The tragedy is that the public no longer seems to care.

From Words to Actions

July 11, 2018 // La Tribuna - Honduras - Spanish

One of the issues that has kept listeners in suspense is the scandal of children being separated from their immigrant parents and caged in detention centers. These revelations provoked so much public outrage the White House reacted by issuing an executive order to stop the embarrassing spectacle. Presumably, these and [Read more]

The Northern Triangle

July 4, 2018 // El Caribe - Dominican Republic - Spanish

According to the Pew Research Center ... illegal Mexican immigration to the U.S. has decreased in the last few years, while it has increased for people migrating from the Northern Triangle.
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