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Hatred of Feminists and Gays

March 2, 2019 // Dagbladet - Norway - Norwegian

[T]his is not a harmless culture war ... It is not a quarrel on Facebook. Rather, it is a development that worries the Norwegian government.

Watch the Hot Dog!

July 15, 2014 // Magyar Hírlap - Hungary - Hungarian

<i>“I killed 61 this time, but I am coming back next year! Beware, America! I am saying this: [I am] Jaws!”*</i> If Joey “Jaws” Chestnut had said these sentences over the phone, the world champion hot dog eater would possibly be explaining the meaning of his statement in a cell in Guantanamo. [Read more]

The Empire Keeps Its Ears Open

June 25, 2013 // MNO - Hungary - Hungarian

Thirteen years ago, at a university seminar about the history of the United States in the 20th century, a question was raised about whether the world’s obvious — at the time — leading power could be considered an empire or not. As a child “raised” with Radio Free Europe and Ronald Reagan’s harsh anti-Soviet [Read more]

Zero Moral Basis

May 26, 2013 // MNO - Hungary - Hungarian

I’m not quite sure, after the Sept. 11 attacks or even after the CIA released — obviously only partially — numerous Cold War files, what kind of naïve souls continue with the illusion that the U.S. is a moral authority

Sequestered Voices

March 13, 2013 // MNO - Hungary - Hungarian

It’s worth sending a few important Western media personalities to Budapest on a training course to give them the opportunity to experience the life in some 'suppressed' left-wing media offices and breathe the air of real press freedom.

The Old Obama Is Back

February 26, 2013 // Népszabadság Online - Hungary - Hungarian

Since his re-election, Obama seems to have changed. The political-tightrope-walking, wise, compromise-seeking politician is gone. During his second term, Obama has become much braver in his support of sensitive topics such as same-sex marriage, climate change, restrictions on gun ownership, equal opportunities and [Read more]

Palestinian Twist

March 4, 2012 // Új Szó - Hungary - Hungarian

<i>It is now clear that Obama will not be able to fulfill one of his election promises from four years ago: he could not, by any means, get the Palestinian-Israeli conflict out of its deadlock.</i> The American president has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House on March 5. There will be [Read more]
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