Obama: A Bloody Farewell

We hadn’t even gotten over the horror of Ferguson and Baltimore when a 19-year-old white man murdered nine black people during a bible study in South Carolina. Why this outburst of racist brutality against blacks, just months before Obama’s presidency ends?

According to data from the Office of Judicial Statistics, 7,427 people of color were killed by police in the United States between 2003 and 2009, about 928 a year: a low number when compared to our country’s record of 500 black youths killed yearly in “exchanges of fire,” but scandalously high when compared to China, which with five times the population of the United States only sees 12 per year; England four, Germany zero.

When younger, working class blacks, a group with an unemployment rate of 11 percent — compared to 5 percent for whites — and a 55 percent poverty rate for children under five, decided to launch a campaign called “Black Lives Matter,” Obama responded by creating a commission whose results where received by the police with the killing of 111 people of color, 33 more than in the month of February, or before the report [was published].

These murders are only the ones that get reported. Of the 18,000 police officers surveyed, only 1,000 reported deaths of victims; in New York it is unknown how many people, mainly blacks and Latinos, have been killed by police since 2007. Florida also fails to report its deaths [caused by police], as does Chicago, where the police department has had to pay $500 million in compensation for civil suits related to police brutality. In New York, it’s $100 million annually.

What is the point of this police brutality? To keep the black youth from rising up against the racist, authoritarian police state, the last line of defense for a class of white men that lost power in South Africa and set up camp in Europe and the United States as the self-proclaimed kings of the world.

In the United States especially, the goal of these crimes is to serve as a reminder to the black community that while they may have a black president, the vast majority of them will continue to be modern slaves in a system that feeds on war and destroys the environment, and whose philosophy is to profit at humanity’s expense.

A horrible reality in which Obama has been and is the only useful piece for a black elite.

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