Trump and Women

Women could be Donald Trump’s nemesis in his presidential aspirations. Despite being married to the former model of Slovenian origin, Melania, and after having been the husband of another blonde former model of Czech origin, Donald Trump has been characterized from day one by his misogynistic sayings and actions.

First, he was in a fight with Megyn Kelly, the Fox News journalist, whom Trump did not allow to ask a presidential candidate questions; he considers her a “bimbo” or a simple pretty face out of whose eyes and other parts blood flows — in reference to the menstrual period.

Later, he backed his campaign coordinator, Corey Lewandowski, on the mistreatment of another female reporter and crowned his week by uploading a photo to Twitter of his wife beside the wife of his rival, Ted Cruz, suggesting that Melania Trump is much prettier than Heidi Cruz.

As if that were not enough, Trump ended up angering both liberals and conservatives with his statements about abortion. First, he said that women who have abortions should be criminally punished; after, he rectified his statement, saying that the punishment should be reserved for the doctors who perform it. In the end, Trump made it more than clear that even on easy topics he does not have knowledge or a clear position.

Women represent 52 percent of the U.S. electorate. Among them, the most recent CNN poll shows that 73 percent detest Donald Trump. However, if this in itself is not a concern for the talkative orange-skinned magnate’s campaign, women are one of the segments of the population that votes the most — much more than men. In recent elections, women have represented between 4 and 7 million more votes than men.

The math indicates that the greatest weakness for Trump is women. In an ordinary election, with Trump’s numbers — with 63 percent of the electorate in general viewing him unfavorably, and with less than 3 out of 10 supporting him — his possibilities of victory would no longer even be discussed.

However, since this has been an atypical election, maybe we are finally facing Trump’s greatest weakness. If all the rest — the atrocities, violence, attacks on everyone and everything — has not even dented his campaign —to date he has won 20 of the 37 primaries that have been held — women’s rejection of Trump could be his nemesis.

Perhaps, as the anti-Trump Super PAC, Our Principles, has said, Trump should have sought the presidency in 1904, before women could vote in the U.S.

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